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Website improvements

You may notice that this website looks a little different. We have introduced two new headings: ‘About’ and ‘Get involved’, to help you find this information more easily (it was there before, but rather hidden).

At the same time, we’ve taken the opportunity to brighten the site up and make the home page a better introduction to all we do.

If you find any links which do not work, please let us know by completing our Contact Form.

If you have any suggestions for future website improvements please leave a ‘Reply’ to this article.

Butterflies galore in November

We have had an astonishing 101 butterflies recorded on this website between 1 November and 21 November 2014, no doubt largely due to the unusually mild weather and helped by the number of butterflies that were brought about by the good summer.

Red Admiral on ivy

Red Admiral on ivy

  • 73 Red Admiral (latest 19 Nov)
  • 8 Clouded Yellow (latest 10 Nov)
  • 8 Small Tortoiseshell (latest 15 Nov)
  • 3 Peacock (latest 10 Nov)
  • 3 Small Copper (latest 4 Nov)
  • 2 Painted Lady (latest 13 Nov)
  • 2 Brimstone (latest 10 Nov)
  • 1 Speckled Wood (latest 10 Nov)
  • 1 Holly Blue (latest 7 Nov)

If you want to see the full details, go to our Sightings Archive.

It seems doubtful this will continue, now we are experiencing weather that is cold in the day and frosty by night, but if you do see any butterfly, please do report it via our sightings form – we’d also be interested to know, if you saw it nectaring, what flowers were being used.