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a Small Blue nectaring on Birds-foot trefoil

Small Blue. Photo: Cliona Dando


 Common Blue resting with wings half open showing under and upper wings

Common Blue. Photo: Cliona Dando

Cliona visited Portland on 30/05.19 and says:

I was so excited yesterday to see Adonis Blues, Common Blues, Small Blues and Dingy Skippers all flitting around together. It was a joyful sight to behold in amongst the glorious colours and sunshine at Tout Quarry. Wonderful! Here are a couple of photos I took on my phone, as I just want to share my excitement and enthusiasm 🙂

We are pleased you did share the photos with us Cliona.

Large Tortoiseshell. Photo: Andy Martin

Andy was thrilled to find his first Large Tortoiseshell in the UK at Tout Quarry on 26/02/19.

Two were reported as being seen there, one having a light coloured speck above the third of the dark blotches on the right fore-wing.

This species is not known as a migrant, so it would be  interesting to know if they are releases or maybe they are going to start migrating to our shores.

view of a female Chalkhill Blue on a stem showing all upper wings

Chalkhill Blue. Photo: James Gould


view of undersides of Chalkhill Blue on pink flowers

Chalkhill Blue. Photo: James Gould

James tells us he spent a lovely morning at Tout Quarry on 17/07/18 where he photographed these Chalkhill Blues.

The top photo is of a female and the above photo shows the markings of the undersides clearly for ID purposes. Common Blues have very similar underside markings, but the diagnostic markings are those around the rim of the wings, There is a chequered effect on Chalkhill Blues and a plain white rim on Common Blues.

Cream-spot Tiger Moth on Portland

Cream-spot Tiger Moth, showing its black and cream upperwings, but not its yellow underwings

Cream-spot Tiger Moth. Photo: Penny Hawes

Penny did well to find this moth on a dull and cloudy day. She took this shot in Tout Quarry, on Portland on 18 June. This long-disused quarry is a great place for butterflies, as it has lots of warm, sheltered areas.