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orange moth like butterflt with golden wing markings

Large Skipper. Photo: Luc Mitchem

plain orange moth - like butterfly

Small Skipper. Photo: Luc Mitchem

Luc spotted both these skippers at Max Gate, Dorchester on 4/07/19. Both these species are very fond of Knapweed, but can also be found on grasses and other flowering plants. Large Skippers appear first from late May, with Small Skippers emerging a little later in early June.


Tiny golden butterfly more like moth

Small Skipper. Photo: Roger Peart

Roger spotted this tiny Small Skipper in Kinson on 27/06/19  and thought at first it may be a moth, which they are often confused with.

The male Small Skipper is territorial, and can be found resting on suitable perches from which it intercepts any passing butterfly. The male is the more active of the two sexes; females being more sedentary.

Small Skipper Aberration ,Durlston

view of a Smal;l Skipper showing white patches on upper fore-wings nectaring on knapweed

Small Skipper aberration. Photo: Brian Arnold

view of Small Skipper , aberration, white patches on upper fore-wing

Small Skipper. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian tells us:

At Durlston on Saturday 7th July we came across this very strange Small Skipper. It looked whiteish in flight – quite different from the other Skippers, and really stood out when it was settled with its brilliant white patches.

Sometimes butterflies do not show the usual markings of the species, and these are known as aberrations. Photos of known aberrations can be found on http://www.ukbutterflies.co.uk

First Meadow Brown takes us to 29 species in Dorset

Meadow Brown with open wings
Meadow Brown. Photo: Elaine Conlon

Elaine Conlon’s photo of a Meadow Brown at Badbury Rings on 30 May is our first record of a Meadow Brown for 2016, beating the first sighting in 2015 by a clear week. We now have 29 species which have taken to the wing in Dorset this year. Continue reading