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View of blue butterfly on yellow flower

Common Blue. Photo: Lynda Lambert

View of a brown and orange butterfly on yellow flower

Small Heath. Photo: Lynda Lambert

Lynda took full advantage of the sunshine at Badbury Rings on 08/09/2019 and found this pristine Common Blue, the only one she found apart from a very tatty female. She also saw 18 Small Heath including the one in this photo during her wander around the rings.

Side view of butterfly with orange top wing and beige and brown underwing

Small Heath. Photo: Ann Barlow

A special photo for Ann – the first time she has seen Small Heath butterflies! Seen at Lesley’s Field, Corfe Mullen 24/05/2019.

Good numbers of Small Heath have been reported from Badbury Rings and Compton Down.

Brown and orange butterfly against a brown background

Small Heath. Photo: Mel Bray

Mel reports that, apart from Dingy and Grizzled Skippers, Small Heaths seem the most numerous at Badbury Rings at the moment – he actually lost count of how many there were! He also saw a number of freshly emerged Common Blues.

view of a Small Heath resting on a dried flower head

Small Heath. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark saw this Small Heath at Badbury Rings on 22/04/19.

He tells us:

Super morning at Badbury, counted 21 Dingy Skips, 13 Grizzlies and 5 Small Heath with plenty of the commoner stuff.

Mark did mean butterflies and not bears when referring to Grizzliesūü§ě

view of a Small Heathon a grass showing upper and under forewings

Small Heath. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian found this Small Heath whilst doing his transect walk at Durlston East on 18/09/17

This little butterfly loves grassy places in a wide variety of habitats, and is on the wing from May-October in three broods. The caterpillar foodplant¬† is various grasses including Sheep’s Fescue.

View of a Small Heath showing under fore-wings and hind-wings resting on a grass stem

Small Heath. Photo: Katie Horrocks

Katie photographed this Small Heath at the Higher Hyde Dorset Wildlife Trust Reserve, near Wareham, on 23/07/2017

This little butterfly enjoys a wide variety of grassy habitats, various grasses¬†being the caterpillar foodplant. This is one of few butterflies found on the wing in dull as well as sunny weather. It has variable markings with small white spots on lower under hind-wing sometimes absent. Katie’s photo shows just a hint of a row of these spots.


Three Small Heaths mating!

Three Small Heaths on a twig

Small Heaths. Photo: Richard Collier

This amazing photo appears to show three Small Heath butterflies in a menage a trois! We think it is two males and one female. Seen by Richard Collier on a walk from Corfe Castle to Swanage. June 2017.

Let us know if you have ever seen anything like this before – we’d be interested: email photos@dorsetbutterflies.com