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view of a Small Copper aberration, with one upper hind-wing  soft grey

Small Copper, Aberration. Photo: Ann Cryer

Ann and Gordon came across this Small Copper in a meadow near their Shaftesbury home on 2/09/18.

They told us they saw a number of Small Coppers and then noticed this one with a pale wing. It is an aberration, but not a named one as some are.


Small Coppers have had at least three broods this year so they should be on the wing for a few weeks yet for us to enjoy.

view of a \Small Copper with wings open showing upper-wings, resting on a blade of grass

Small Copper. Photo: Nicola Maslen

Nicola spotted this pristine Small Copper while at RSPB Chaffey’s, Weymouth on 21/08/18.


This sun-loving butterfly is often found resting on the ground, vegetation or flowers, as it absorbs the sun’s rays. Males establish small territories and fly up to intercept any passing insect in the hope of intercepting a passing female. When egg-laying, females are easy to distinguish from males, as they fly low across the ground searching for suitable foodplants on which to lay. Both sexes roost head down on grass stems.