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View of small orange and black butterfly on deep pink Cosmos flower

Small Copper. Photo: John East

John took this photo of a Small Copper nectaring on a Cosmos flower in his Hinton St Mary Garden on 06/10/2019 but delayed publishing it in the Gallery until now to try and brighten a grey November day.  A reminder of a good butterfly summer and the hope of another one next year.

Orange and Brown spotted butterfly nectaring on Ragwort

Small Copper. Photo: Phil Woodward

Phil spotted this Small Copper in Slough Lane, Upton on 4/08/19.

Last year this species did so well over the whole country but not so far  this year. However there is time yet as this butterfly can produce a late generation in September if conditions are favourable.

Broiwn and blue butterfly  with orangeand white pattern om both wing edges showing under and forewings

Common Blue. Photo: Mel Bray

Bright orange and brown spotted butterfly

Small Copper. Photo: Mel Bray

Mel visited Throop on 16/07/19 and found both Common Blue and Small Copper 2nd generation butterflies on the wing.

The brown colouring and blue basal flush on the the Common Blue tells us it is a female , the male being a plain blue with a white edge to the wings.

Butterfly with orange forewings and brwon hindwinds edges with orange.

Small Copper. Photo: John Woodruff

Hod Hill features again! There must be a lot of butterfly photographers up there – we can only congratulate them on being able to climb the hill and still have breath to take pictures. John spotted this on 12/05/2019.

Orange and Brown Butterfly on a small yellow flower.

Small Copper. Photo: Caroline Stringer,

Caroline caught this lovely shot at Lydlinch (North Dorset) on 06/05/2019.

If you look on our Annual Summary 2019 page, you will see that 165 Small Coppers have been reported so far this year, making it the sixth most frequently spotted species after the Brimstone, Peacock. Orange Tip, Speckled Wood and Holly Blue.

View of a Small Copper resting a a blade of grass with wings partially open

Small Copper. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian saw this Small Copper in his garden at Harman’s Cross on 24/09/18 and told us that during the recent sunny days, he had been seeing a lot of butterflies in the garden.

This year Small Coppers have been reported in large numbers since August,  which is good as in recent years this species has been in decline.

view of a Small copper , aberration sitting on a Black eyed Susan flower

Small Copper, aberration. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark photographed this Small Copper in his Motcombe garden, on 9/09/18.

This aberration showing blue spots is named Caeruleopunctata, and when it is found it is often noticed that a small colony of Small Coppers will be found with these extra spots in the same location. Continue reading