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Blue butterfly clinging to some purple heather

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Lyn Pullen

Lyn saw this butterfly on 05/07/2017. Outside the fence enclosing the old Winfrith Nuclear Research Establishment there is a strip of heathland. Within this strip there is a small triangle of habitat with a small Silver-studded Blue colony. The wider site also boasts Dingy and Grizzled Skippers and Green Hairstreaks and a good number of other species.

Silver-studded Blues at Morden Bog

Male and female butterflies facing each other on a grass stalk

Silver-studded Blues. Photo: John Woodruff

Side view of a male Silver-studded Blue on a grass stalk

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: John Woodruff

John tells us: “I took these shots after work this evening [20/06/2017] at Morden Bog [near Wareham] and was well pleased with the outcome as it was a round 26 mile trip from home. When I arrived at 17.45 the temperature was still 29 degrees C and there was nothing on the wing. Whatever I found was dormant and in a wings closed position as if going to roost. However a cool breeze got up and everything came to life. I saw egg laying females, pairing in large numbers and some fresh emerging males”


Tony Long’s butterfly walk – Stoborough Heath

Tony Long's butterfly walk. Photo: Brian Arnold

Tony Long’s butterfly walk. Photo: Brian Arnold

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Brian Arnold

Silver-studded Blue (male). Photo: Brian Arnold

Photographs taken during Tony Long’s butterfly walk on Stoborough Heath where the target species for the day were Grayling and Silver-studded Blue. In total, the successful search resulted in at least 11 butterfly species, including: Silver-studded Blue, Grayling, Red Admiral, Gatekeeper, Small Heath, Large Skipper, Small Skipper, Meadow Brown, Peacock, Green-veined White and Marbled White.

Brian Arnold who took the photographs reports that of the 20 Silver-studded Blue’s seen, the majority were female and largely past their best, having been flying for a while. Only a couple of weeks before however, there had been a hundred or so which were mostly male.

Side view of a Silver-studded Blue, showing the silver studs

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Mel Bray

Mel said: “The endless rain finally stopped and I rushed up to Sopley Common this afternoon before it started again. Was delighted to see a male Silver Studded Blue (first I’ve seen this year) in a spot where I have found them in previous years. Was unsure if they would reappear because the whole area was flooded in the winter. A short time later, the distinctive red of a Cinnabar moth. And this one actually stretched its wings out for me!”

Grey and red Cinnabar moth with its wings open

Cinnabar Moth. Photo: Mel Bray


Male Silver-studded Blue with open wings, with a female underneath

Courting pair of Silver-studded Blues . Photo: Lyn Pullen

Lyn says: “We found a tiny colony of Silver-studded Blues just outside the wire of the old Nuclear Research Establishment on Winfrith Heath on 27/06/2015. I didn’t actually realise I’d photographed a courting pair until I put the photo up on the screen, but good to know they are doing their best to keep the colony going”.