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View of a backlit silvery blue butterfly with brown, black, white and orange markings reflected through by the sunlight

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Steve Kinnersly

View of 4 silvery blue butterflies with white, black and orange markings resting in long grass

Silver-studded Blues. Photo: Steve Kinnersly

Steve took these pictures of Silver-studded Blues at Higher Hyde Heath reserve near Wool on 21/06/2020. He told us there were hundreds of butterflies in an area of 10m square roosting on the long grass in the early evening sunshine. You will note the different wings on the first photo of the male and Steve added the following comment about this:

I think the different wings of the male with open wings is a trick of the light. It was apparent at the time. I assumed that the under-wing markings were showing through because the sun was bright and light was coming from behind the wings on the right of the photo. You can see the shadow of those wings on the other wings. I’ve seen similar things before with back-lit butterflies.

Blue butterfly with some black markings and white fringe to the wings

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Martin Wood

Light brown butterfly with orange, black and white markings nectaring on a white bramble flower

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Martin Wood

A couple of photos of Silver-studded Blues Martin saw on 20/06/2020 on his first visit to Slop Bog.  He also told us that there were lots of them about and he stopped counting after twenty.

Blue butterfly with black markings and white fringe to the wings resting on a plant stem

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: David Parish

View of four butterflies - one blue and three with brown, white, black and orange markings

Silver-studded Blues. Photo: David Parish

David went to Higher Hyde Heath on 08/06/2020 which has been a great place to see Silver-studded Blues this year and managed to capture these images of some of the ones he saw there – he thought the second photo only showed 3 butterflies until he downloaded it and then he saw a 4th one at the top of the image.

Three silvery blue, light brown and orange butterflies with some white and black markings nectaring on flowers

Silver-studded Blues. Photo: Shona Refoy

Resting blue butterfly with some black markings and white fringes to the wings

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona sent us these photos following a visit to a very hot Higher Hyde Heath on 02/06/2020 and found there were Silver-studded Blues everywhere – three very close together in the first photo which is quite amazing and not something seen very often.

Silvery blue butterfly with some orange, white and black markings

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: John Woodruff

John sent us this photo telling us that on Sunday 31/05/2020 he visited Slop Bog, Ferndown and as he was leaving the reserve he found this male Silver- studded Blue hiding in the heather from the blustery wind.

Silvery blue butterfly with black, orange and white markings resting on a green plant

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Mark Pike

Blue butterfly with brown and orange markings and white fringes to the wings resting on a green fern

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Mark Pike

Photos of a couple of lovely fresh Silver Studded Blues taken on 27/05/2020 at Higher Hyde Heath sent to us by Mark. In both sexes, the outer edge of the underside of the hindwings has a series of metallic-blue-centred spots – hence the butterfly’s name though silver is rather a misnomer.

blue butterfly in the company of it's symbiotic partners,ants.

Silver-studded Blue, with Ants. Photo: Chris Elsdon

Blue butterfly with black spots hiding in gorse

Silver-studded Blue, Photo: Chris Elsdon

Chris and Sue attended a course on Silver-studded Blue butterflies with ‘Back from the Brink’ and were relieved to learn that the ants in the first photo,taken  on Hartland Moor on 17/06/19, have a symbiotic relationship with this species and were not attacking it as first thought.

The life of this butterfly is fascinating and information including a video showing an emergence with ants in attendance can be found on :


Brown females Silver -studded blue  on heather

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Shona Refoy

a little Silver-studded Blue showing underwing pattern

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona visited RSPBArne on 21/06/19 in the hope of finding Silver-studded Blues and was pleased to see nineteen but tells us this was the only female she saw that day. The females have brown upper wings whereas the males are blue.