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Lulworth Skipper caterpillars at Seacombe Bottom

Close up of a green caterpillar stretched out along the top of a blade of grass

Luworth skipper larva. Photo: Dom Greves

Small green caterpillar lying along the length of a blade of grass, pulling its edges together with silk it has spun

Luworth skipper larva. Photo: Dom Greves

Both of these shots were taken at Seacombe Bottom, near Langton Matravers in Purbeck. For a video of the caterpillars in action go to our News page

The Lulworth Skipper is only found in Dorset, and it should be on the wing before long. Last year it appeared on 27 May, and the year before that 21 May. See our Species page for more information. A good place to see it is Durlston Country Park.