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View of an orange butterfly with black markings nectaring on yellow flower

Small Copper. Photo: Peter Siddons

View of a resting brown and orange butterfly with black and white markings on the wing tips

Red Admiral. Photo: Peter Siddons

Peter has sent us these two photo’s he took at the High Angle Battery on Portland.  The Small Copper is readily identified by its brightly burnished copper forewings with black margins and spots and the female is larger than the male which is highly territorial attacking any insect that comes close to it.  The Small Copper photo was taken on 10/05/2020 and the Red Admiral on 07/05/2020.

View of a red and black butterfly resting on a towel

Red Admiral. Photo: Shona Refoy

View of a red, black and brown butterfly resting on a towel

Red Admiral. Photo: Shona Refoy

A different style of photo from Shona this time – taken on 01/05/2020 and sent to us with the following comments:

This butterfly made me chuckle, I hope it amuses you too! It is the first Red Admiral I have seen settled in my garden this year, having previously seen a flypast. I was surprised that it chose to sit on a towel hanging on the washing line. So, if you don’t have a nice yellow hose like Brian Arnold’s, you could always try a towel!

(The reference to Brian Arnold’s yellow hose is a response to a photo Brian Arnold sent us few weeks ago of a butterfly on his yellow garden hose when he asked the question who needs flowers when you have got a yellow garden hose).

View of a reddish orange and black butterfly with white markings on wingtips resting on the ground.

Red Admiral. Photo: Penny Hawes

Penny was out on one of her favourite walks when she spotted this Red Admiral, the first butterfly she has seen this this year – it was sunning itself along the little woodland path to Sharford Bridge on Monday 20/01/2020.  The sunny conditions a few days ago seem to have lured a number of these out of their shelter and hiding places to take advantage of the sunshine and we hope they were able to find somewhere warm to shelter overnight from the cold frosty conditions.

View of reddish orange, brown and black butterfly with white markings on the wingtips resting near a muddy puddle.

Red Admiral. Photo: Geoge McCabe

George has sent us this photo of the first butterfly he saw this year when he was out for a walk and not even looking for butterflies – spotted at the Coppice behind the Littlemoor water tower, Weymouth on 19/01/2020.  George added that it seemed to enjoy the mud around the puddles!

View of a brown and black butterfly with some white markings resting on a stone wall.

Red Admiral. Photo: Paul Godier

Paul has sent us this photo of a Red Admiral he saw in South Street, Dorchester on Wednesday, 18/12/2019. He told us that it was flying vigorously to and fro across the street, above the Xmas shoppers on Market Day presumably seeking a roost for the winter. Quite remarkable that he was able to spot the butterfly in the busy street and to get this photo – it is quite late in the year to see a Red Admiral and this may well be the last photo of one sent to the Dorset BC Gallery for this year.

Photo of reddish orange and black butterfly with white markings near the wing tips whilst resting on a wall.

Red Admiral. Photo: Roger Peart

The lovely warm sunshine yesterday,  03/12/2019 seems to have encouraged a late appearance of Red Admirals in Dorset. This photo sent to us by Roger Peart of one he saw in the afternoon on a house wall in Wimborne is the second photo taken yesterday of this species sent in for the Dorset BC Gallery. It is good to know that butterflies are still responding to occasional warmer sunny days in a cold spell and can only hope that they find somewhere suitable to return to overnight.

View of a black and reddish orange butterfly with white markings near the wing tips. The butterfly is resting on the ground and is close to two fallen apples.

Red Admiral. Photo: John Kirwin

A welcome sunny morning after a cold night encouraged this somewhat damaged Red Admiral to visit John’s Harman’s Cross garden today, 03/12/2019. John tells us that this individual has visited his garden quite a lot recently to feed on the juices leaking from rotting apples. A pretty hardy butterfly – could this be our last reported Red Admiral sighting for the year?

View of reddish orange and black butterfly with some white markings on wings resting on a brick wall..

Red Admiral. Photo: Ann Barlow

In mild, sunny conditions in Autumn it is not unusual to see Red Admirals on the wing well into November and this photo taken by Ann in her Corfe Mullen garden on 13/11/2019 shows one enjoying the morning sunshine.

View of reddish orange and black butterfly with white markings on the wings resting on a silver leafed Artemisia plant.

Red Admiral. Photo: John East

We were sitting in the dining room today, 10/11/2019, when my wife noticed a butterfly flying in the back garden which then settled on an Artemisia plant – we both said it must be a Red Admiral which proved to be the case and it stayed on the plant just long enough for me to get this photo.  Shortly before we saw this butterfly we had both remarked that we didn’t think we would see any more butterflies in the garden this year and then this one appeared just to show how wrong we were.