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View of a resting greenish yellow butterfly with some brown markings

Brimstone. Photo: Lynda Lambert

A reddish orange butterfly with black, white and brown markings resting on some green vegetation

Red Admiral. Photo: Lynda Lambert

Lynda sent in these photos of her first butterflies for the year telling us:

At last my first butterflies of 2021 seen today, 26/02/2021 at Pamphill.  Two male Brimstones flying together in the church meadow and one flew right over to where I was standing by the fence line, camouflaging itself at first in the bracken alongside a fresh green leaf of the exact same colour. Then a Red Admiral which looks a little worn so obviously not a migrant . 

A reddish orange and black butterfly with white markings resting on the timber post of a rose trellis

Red Admiral. Photo: John East

John sent in this photo taken this afternoon, 11/12/2020 telling us:

Just after lunch today, 11/12/2020 I was looking at the birds in our Hinton St Mary garden from a window when I noticed an unexpected movement by the rose trellis.  It was sunny at the time but only minutes before it had been raining; the temperature was about 10 degrees C and closer inspection through binoculars showed it to be Red Admiral which had wisely decided to settle on a post facing the direction of the sun. 

This specimen is a little tatty round the edges but that is only to be expected this late in the year – it was a bit of a surprise to see this one as the last butterfly we had seen in our garden prior to this, another Red Admiral was about a month ago on 12/11/2020.  

View of a reddish orange and brown butterfly with black and white markings resting on a green nettle leaf

Red Admiral. Photo: George McCabe

George sent in this photo of a strong flying Red Admiral in fairly good condition that he saw yesterday, 24/11/2020 and as it might be the last one for this year he felt he would like to share the  moment.  This is what he told us:

As it was a beautiful day weather-wise, l decided to do a circuit walk going through Bincombe and then Lower Bincombe, not on the lookout for butterflies as l thought there would be none. 

The trouble with this route is farm tractors and trailers are so wide they take up all the road and as one was approaching l had to climb on to the grass embankment alongside the hedge for safety. 

To my surprise something took flight beside me and as l tried to follow the movement with my eyes, l lost it in a field of brassicas. However, a little lesson I’ve learned is that sometimes if you wait long enough the butterflies will come back to the same spot; two minutes later a Red Admiral flew back over the hedge landing on fresh nettles and as l started to take some pictures standing in the road the farm tractor came back. 

Imagine the scene if you can – there’s me in the middle of the road trying to take a picture of what might be the last butterfly of the year, and the farmer who stopped his tractor laughing his head off at my antics. Just as well they know me.

A brown butterfly with cream markings resting on green leaves

Speckled Wood. Photo: Shona Refoy

A reddish orange, black and brown butterfly with white markings nectaring on Ivy flowers

Red Admiral. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona made the most of the recent sunshine and sent in these two photos telling us:

On 04/11/2020 I went to Ulwell and Ballard Down, in the hope of seeing a butterfly or two before the onset of winter and much to my delight, I saw four species!

I saw this male Speckled Wood and two Red Admirals (this one could be female, judging by her abdomen) soon after arriving at Ulwell, when my car thermometer had just reached 7 degrees C, although the sun made it feel warmer.  On Ballard Down I saw at least two more Red Admirals, and a camera shy Peacock. 

Back at Ulwell I was treated to a Clouded Yellow flypast – what a great day!

A yellow butterfly with some black and white markings nectaring on a pink flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Brian Arnold

A rather tatty reddish orange, brown and black butterfly with white markings resting on a green leaf

Red Admiral. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian has just sent us these two photos with the following comments:

What a change in the weather. Today 04/11/2020 we went for a long walk with the Swanage Walking Group (last before the lockdown) from Portesham up to the South Dorset Ridgeway. There we saw 2 Clouded Yellows and 4 Red Admirals.  Although only 10 degrees it felt far warmer in the sunshine. One of the Red Admirals was a little past its best – looking more like a Comma with its battered wings, but the Clouded yellows looked quite pristine.

Reddish orange and black butterfly with white markings resting on the stone wall of a house

Red Admiral. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian sent this photo to us with the following comments:

Our local Garden Centres sell large plastic butterflies to hang on house walls, but we were visited by the real thing today, 13/10/2020 at our house in Harman’s Cross! Far better than a plastic one we think. A zoomed in close up revealed that this Red Admiral was licking the stonework with its proboscis.

A reddish orange and black butterfly with white markings nectaring on on lilac coloured Buddleia flower

Red Admiral. Photo: Ann Barlow

A chocolate brown and cream coloured butterfly resting on a yellowish leaf

Speckled Wood. Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann has sent us these two photos taken in Corfe Mullen with the following comments:

I was surprised to see in our garden today, 06/10/2020 a Red Admiral and a rather tatty Large White on our Buddleia in the rain. Later, on my walk I saw 3 Speckled Woods as well, very nice for this late in the year.

A reddish orange and black butterfly with white markings resting on the ground

Red Admiral. Photo: Gary Holderness

Gary sent in this photo he took today, 06/10/2020 in his Ferndown garden telling us:

Was rather surprised and pleased to see this Red Admiral late this morning in the garden trying to get some sunshine. Not too tatty and he didn’t stay long.  Probably the last butterfly I’ll see this year.