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An orange and brown butterfly with black and white markings on blackberries

Painted Lady. Photo: Donald Simcock

Two butterflies on a pink flower - one blue and one brown with orange markings

Common Blues. Photo: Donald Simcock

Two photos from Donald sent in with the following comments:

A few days ago we camped in Purbeck and walked along the coastal paths for a couple of days mainly in the hope of spotting migrant birds but we also saw lots of butterflies. We came across a wet flush of grass and loads of flowering Fleabane which attracted Clouded Yellows, Blues and Whites. Along sheltered walls we also saw Wall and Small Copper. 

These two photos were taken on 15/09/2022

View of a newly emerging blue and silvery beige butterfly with black, white and orange markings on a yellow flower

Common Blue. Photo: Donald Simcock

View of a newly emerging blue butterfly on a yellow flower

Common Blue. Photo: Donald Simcock

Donald has sent us these two photos of an emerging Common Blue with the following commentary:

Yesterday, 01/06/2021 I was out volunteering in Purbeck working next to an old filled in stone quarry and decided to have a walk to see what I could see.

The nutrient poor soils have very short grass and plenty of birds-foot trefoil in flower. On my first walk I saw 3 Common Blues and on my second walk saw a Dingy Skipper and one Common Blue.

As I was walking back, I caught a glimpse of blue on a birds-foot trefoil flower and then took a closer look.  My first thought was the poor thing is on its last legs – a Common Blue with badly damaged wings.

I have never seen anything like this before and couldn’t reference any memories but then it suddenly clicked that this must be a newly emerged Common Blue in the process of inflating its wings. What a sight and what a story.