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large blsck and grey mothwith a red and  balck striped body

Privet Hawkmoth. Photo: Lynda Lambert

Grey and Black Hawkmoth resting with closed wiongs

Privet Hawkmoth. Photo: Lynda Lambert

After a few poor results from recent moth traps in herCorfe Mullen garden Lyn attracted this Privet Hawkmoth on 21/05/20.

Half way through the morning when sitting with a coffee in the garden, Lyn noticed something on the fence and found it to be this beautiful large moth.The flight season is June-July yet the hot weather must have brought this one out 10 days early .

Its foodplants are many, but Holly and Honeysuckle are known to be two of them which is abundant in Lyn’s garden.

Privet Hawkmoth. Parkstone

Privet Hawkmoth. Photo: Bill Wiseman

Privet Hawkmoth. Photo: Bill Wiseman

Bill sent us these photos of this Privet Hawkmoth which he found in his Parkstone garden on 1/07/19.

With a wingspan  of 90-120 mm. this is our largest resident hawk-moth, which is distributed in the southern half of Britain, and has distinctive pink and black barring on the body.

The similarly-striped hindwings are often concealed.

It frequents woodland and suburban habitats, and flies in June and July, with a single generation.