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View of a bright blue butterfly resting on the green stem of a Sedge plant

Adonis Blue. Photo: Edmund Mackrill

Edmund sent us this photo of an Adonis Blue he took at Portland on 17/05/2020 adding the comment:

Not sure what it was doing with its proboscis extended on the Sedge stem. Finding something it liked no doubt.

View of a resting orange butterfly with blackish brown markings

Wall. Photo: Peter Siddons

Peter captured this photo of a Wall on 17/05/2020 at new ground on Portland.  With its fast flashing flight and golden forewings this is another species that suggests it might be a fritillary but when seen at rest its bright eye spots confirm its identity as one of the browns.

View of a brown butterfly with pale markings resting on the ground

Dingy Skipper. Photo: Peter Siddons

View of two resting blue and beige butterflies with orange, black and white markings.

Common Blues mating. Photo: Peter Siddons

Two more photos from Peter – the first one is a Dingy Skipper taken on 13/05/2020 at the High Angle Battery on Portland down the Old Railway cutting at the end of Park Road where Peter told us there were quite a few showing now.  The second photo he took yesterday, 15/05/2020 on the old railway line, shows a pair of Common Blues which he thought may have been mating.  He also mentioned that there were quite a lot of Small Blues there as well.

View of an orange butterfly with black markings nectaring on yellow flower

Small Copper. Photo: Peter Siddons

View of a resting brown and orange butterfly with black and white markings on the wing tips

Red Admiral. Photo: Peter Siddons

Peter has sent us these two photo’s he took at the High Angle Battery on Portland.  The Small Copper is readily identified by its brightly burnished copper forewings with black margins and spots and the female is larger than the male which is highly territorial attacking any insect that comes close to it.  The Small Copper photo was taken on 10/05/2020 and the Red Admiral on 07/05/2020.

View of a dark blue butterfly resting on a green leaf

Small Blue. Photo: Peter Siddons

View of a blue butterfly with white fringes to the wings whilst resting on a green leaf

Common Blue. Photo: Peter Siddons

Peter sent us two photos he took on 09/05/2020 at the old railway line at the end of Park Road, Portland.  It is not often that we have such good photos of Small Blue and Common Blue side by side for comparison, which can be very helpful.

Large brown and orange butterfly with yellow patches on upper wings

Large Tortoiseshell, Photo: Andrew Reekie

Another sighting of a Large Tortoiseshell on Portland ,but this time near Fancy’s Farm. Andrew saw this one on 10/07/19 and tells us it was nectaring on Buddleia for quite a while before flying off.

This one looks very fresh and surely cannot be one of the two seen so much earlier this year. After the mixture of wet, windy, then hot ,dry weather , it would by now be looking a little frayed around the edges if it had been around since February.

Adonis Blue Caterpillar, Portland

a green and yellow caterpillar

Adonis Caterpillar. Photo: Michelle Rowland

Michelle found this small Adonis Blue caterpillar at Westcliff on 24/06/19.

The larvae are green with yellow stripes running along the length of the body. Unlike its close relative, the Chalkhill Blue, the larva of the Adonis Blue feeds by day. The larva has a Newcomer’s gland in the 7th segment which provides secretions that are attractive to ants. This is a symbiotic relationship for, like many other blues, the Adonis Blue larva (and pupa) is afforded protection by the ants from parasites and other predators.