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grey /brown moth woith oramge wings yjat resembles a humming bird

Hummingbird Hawkmoth. Photo: Clive Hill

Clive sent us this photo of a Hummingbird Hawkmoth which he spotted along the Wimborne Road in Poole on 15/09/19.

This is a migrant species but this year we have had a lot more sightings in the South of England, so with global warming maybe it will start breeding here if it doesn’t already do so occasionally. They like warmth but do not appear to mind rain as they have been seen on more than one occasion nectaring during a shower.

view of a perfect Peacock feeding at a fruit station

Peacock. Photo: Elaine Conlon.

Two Red Admirals enjoying some rotting fruit

Red Admiral. Photo: Elaine Conlon

Elaine thoughtfully set up this fruit feeding station in her garden at Broadstone around 20/09/17.

The Peacock and Red Admirals can enjoy this feast which will help to sustain them throughout winter hibernation until they reappear on a warm  day in the early Spring. Sheds, garages, outhouses and even spare bedrooms are favourite hibernation spots.

If you are lucky enough to have one, it will be a joy to look forward too, watching it wake up in 2018.

New wildlife site in Poole

An area which was an old school field in Poole has been turned by the Borough Council into a public open space, complete with a wildlife area, a large pond and a wetland area. It is off North Road, behind the Bournemouth and Poole College site.

Peacock on ground with wings open

Peacock. Photo: Paul Cobb

Paul Cobb has sent us this lovely photo of a Peacock taken there and reports there were Brimstones visible as well. We hope more butterflies will make use of the area later in the year, so if you live in the area, please visit the site when you can and report any butterfly sighting to us via our Sightings page.

The Borough of Poole has a website page which tells you more, and there is a Facebook group set up by a local resident.