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Brown and Orange Hairstreak  with tails on hind-wings

Brown Hairstreak. Photo: Mark Pike

pale blue butterfly with tiny black spots on both fore and hind underwings

Holly Blue. Photo: Mark Pike

When Mark visited Alners Gorse on 23/07/19 not only did he find an early Brown Hairstreak but he somehow managed to get it to pose on his finger!  Mark, the Butterfly Whisperer! Normally these butterflies are seen up fairly high up in trees and only occasionally on lower vegetation.

The Holly Blue was too shy but posed nicely on a leaf for him to take a photo. This would be one of the recently emerged 2nd generation, and can be seen on the wing into early September.

green underwings of a butterfly camouflaged against the leaf it is resting on

Brimstone. Photo: Mark Pike

seven caterpillars with beige hairsand  black faces on the outside of  their web

Marsh Fritillary Caterpillars. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark commented that this female Brimstone was so well camouflaged against the leaf she settled on at Alners Gorse  when he visited the reserve on 29/07/19.

Not so were the caterpillars of the Marsh Fritillary butterfly which is found at Alners Gorse,. The mite, trombidium breei seen on one of the caterpillars is often found on butterflies and other insects but apparently does them no harm.

Orange moth with a yellow band and a white spot  on forewing

Oak Eggar. Photo: Mark Pike

small rosy red moth with black markings on upper forewings

Rosy Footman. Photo: Mark Pike

Marks ran a moth trap in his Motcombe garden on 24/0719 and sent us photos of two of the moths he found in it this morning.

Oak Eggar and Rosy Footman, the latter one of his favourites he says.

Oak Eggars can be seen flying fast in a zigzag fashion in the afternoon sunshine during July and August, whilst the Rosy Footman is on the wing between mid June- August, sometimes found resting on twigs in daytime.

grey butterfly with white lines on bottom half of both wings, but with black spot on bottom hindwing missing

Purple Hairstreak ab. depuncta. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark is an aberration butterfly hunter😊 This one is the second one he has found this week.

This one is a Purple Hairstreak, missing the black spot on the bottom of the hindwing next to the orange spots.

He spotted it at Alner’s Gorse on 16/07/19.

A large Red butterfly with coloured eye spots on upper fore- and hind-wings

Peacock. Photo: Mark Pike

Head and shoulders photo of a Red Admiral showing the dark intricate pattern of the underwings

Red Admiral. Photo: Mark Pike

This Peacock and Red Admiral were photographed by Mark at Garston Wood on 12/07/19. and he says he thinks the Red admiral was possibly newly emerged as it appeared very drowsy.

Maybe it just enjoyed the attention from Mark as he captured the amazing beauty of its underwing pattern. A very colour co-ordinated butterfly!