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A large Red butterfly with coloured eye spots on upper fore- and hind-wings

Peacock. Photo: Mark Pike

Head and shoulders photo of a Red Admiral showing the dark intricate pattern of the underwings

Red Admiral. Photo: Mark Pike

This Peacock and Red Admiral were photographed by Mark at Garston Wood on 12/07/19. and he says he thinks the Red admiral was possibly newly emerged as it appeared very drowsy.

Maybe it just enjoyed the attention from Mark as he captured the amazing beauty of its underwing pattern. A very colour co-ordinated butterfly!

orange ERssex Skipper showing diagnostic black ink tipped antennae

Essex Skipper. Photo: Mark Pike

Essex Skipper. Photo: Mark Pike

Essex Skipper and Fly. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark sent us these beautiful photos of Essex Skipper which he managed to locate in Motcombe Meadows on 3/07/19.

This species can be difficult to identify in the field unless you can see it settled and get a good look at the antennae. As you see, they look they have been dipped in ink.

If you look closely at the third photo you can see Mark has captured a tiny fly that alighted on the tip of one antennae.