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Orange butterfly with black and yellow markings resting on a lilac flower

Large Tortoiseshell. Photo: Mark Pike

Brown butterfly with some blue markings nectaring on a lilac flower

Large Tortoiseshell. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark went to Broadcroft Quarry on Portland today, 05/07/2020 in search of the much talked about Large Tortoiseshell and was rewarded with this super example of one – the first he had ever seen.  Mark added that he wondered if it was the one seen here last Friday?

View of a golden brown and orange butterfly

Essex Skipper. Photo: Mark Pike

View of a perching golden brown and orange butterfly

Small Skipper. Photo: Mark Pike

Two photos taken on 28/06/2020 at Motcombe Meadows which Mark tells us is a great place to see both Small & Essex Skippers flying together (although he says that Small are far more common there).  He sent these two images for comparison as he thought they clearly show the all important antennae identification differences.

Bright Pink and yellow/Green  striped hawkmoths moths

Elephant Hawkmoths. Photo: Mark Pike

Large pink black and brown striped hawkmoth

Privet Hawkmoths. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark had a great haul of hawkmoths in his Motcombe garden trap on 25/06/20 and we thank him for these wonderful photos of very well behaved moths.😊

Five Elephant Hawkmoths and two Privet Hawkmoths as shown here, as well as a Poplar Hawkmoth.

Both species flight season is May-early August and the Elephant Hawkmoth sometimes comes to light in good numbers.

The Privet Hawkmoth is the UK’s largest Hawkmoth and like most hawkmoths are easily handled carefully to better appreciate their beauty.

Orange furry moth

Lackey. Photo: Mark Pike

A male Lackey was trapped at Motcombe by Mark on 20/06/20, a very furry moth indeed.

Flight season is July -August and they are variable in colour, either reddish brown as here, or straw yellow.

two moths looking like the ends of broken twigs.

Buff tips. Photo: Mark Pike

Marks sent us this comical photo of two Buff tip moths which he trapped on 20/06/20 in his Motcombe garden moth trap.

As he says, no social distancing going on here!

The flight season of this species is May to July so not long left to look out for them.

One brown butterfly with yellow rings on the wings and one greyish brown butterfly mating on a green plant

Ringlet and Meadow Brown. Photo: Mark Pike

Two butterflies, one brown with yellow rings and the other greyish brown resting on a persons finger

Ringlet and Meadow Brown. Photo: Mark Pike

Two more photos from Mark sent with the following comments:

Apologies John for rushing off this morning, 24/06/2020. Mind you I am glad I did as I was going to Martin Down but I was certainly never prepared for this bizarre sight!

I realise Martin Down is mostly in Hants but where I photographed these was quite literally on the county border, so they may well have been just in Dorset! To be honest I couldn’t resist sending it to you. Believe it or not this is a Ringlet and Meadow Brown mating. Perhaps we should be on the lookout for Meadowlets at some point?!

Brown and bluish grey butterfly with black, orange and white markings

Purple Emperor. Photo: Mark Pike

Turquopise butterfly with some black and white markings nectaring on a white bramble flower

Silver-washed Fritillary f. valezina. Photo: Mark Pike

This really is a Red Letter Day – photos of Purple Emperors.  Mark sent us this one taken at Garston Wood yesterday, 23/06/2020 together with an amazingly coloured Silver-washed Fritillary valezina form. However as Mark told us the prize for the day was the magnificent fresh female Purple Emperor taking salts on a path in the wood.  Mark also met up with John Woodruff there and his photo of the Purple Emperor can be seen in another posting being added to the Gallery at the same time.