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Very small butterlfy with pale blue underwings with black spots on a daisy flower

Small Blue. Photo: Mark Pike

The Small Blues are just out. Mark spotted this one at Compton Down (North Dorset) on 07/05/2019. They have also been seen at Fontmell Down, not far from Compton Down, and 16 were counted on the Weymouth Relief Road cutting.

They are tiny butterflies, appearing a silver-grey colour in flight. They are quite rare, but became more widespread in Dorset between 2010 and 2014. Nationally, they have reduced in abundance.

photo of a Green -veined White and an Orange -tip plus an egg, on Lady's Smock

Orange -Tip and Green-veined White and an Orange -tip egg. Photo. Mark Pike

Mark visited Motcombe Meadows on 25/04/19 and although overcast and windy he found this delightful scene.

An Orange-tip and a Green-veined White sharing a Lady’s Smock flower where an Orange-tip has laid a tiny orange egg.

This egg would have been a whitish colour when it was first laid a few days ago, before turning bright orange. Green-veined White eggs are whitish when laid and do not change colour.