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Peppered Moth Caterpillar, Corfe Mullen

Green Caterpillar with brown/red spot along its length

Peppered Moth Caterpillar. Photo : Ann Barlow

Green Caterpillar with brown/red dots along its lengthh

Peppered Moth Caterpillar.Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann discovered this Peppered Moth caterpillar on garden roses in Corfe Mullen on 18/10/20. Nigel Spring was able to ID it quickly for her and after reading up she tells us:

Interestingly the write up says that the caterpillar can detect colour through its skin, and so it moulds itself to look very like whichever plant it is feeding on! Very clever.

The adult will be a fairly large striking black and white  moth, on the wing early May – late August but rarely seen by day.

 There are black and intermediate forms, caused by atmospheric pollution .These are generally declining but still frequent in some places.