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A large Red butterfly with coloured eye spots on upper fore- and hind-wings

Peacock. Photo: Mark Pike

Head and shoulders photo of a Red Admiral showing the dark intricate pattern of the underwings

Red Admiral. Photo: Mark Pike

This Peacock and Red Admiral were photographed by Mark at Garston Wood on 12/07/19. and he says he thinks the Red admiral was possibly newly emerged as it appeared very drowsy.

Maybe it just enjoyed the attention from Mark as he captured the amazing beauty of its underwing pattern. A very colour co-ordinated butterfly!

view of a Peacock resting with open wings on a path

Peacock. Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann spotted this Peacock in a garden at Corfe Mullen on 25/02/19.

This species is one that hibernates over winter and emerges on warmer days. Normally this happens mostly at the end of March, and after mating gives rise to the next generation  at the end of July.

This year emergence from hibernation has been spectacularly different, so it will be interesting to see what records are produced later in the year.

view of a Peacock among leaf litter

Peacock. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona sent us this photo of a Peacock seen in what she described as a half hearted mating refusal position at Kingston Lacey NT allotments on 13/10/18.  Sometimes the abdomen is raised very markedly it can indicate the female has already mated and doesn’t want further attention. However when the abdomen is raised only slightly it may be a sign of receptiveness on her part. Poor males, let’s hope they are good at reading the signals.

view of a Peacock resting on Mark's finger with wings open showing uppersides of all wings

Peacock. Photo: Mark Pike

Happy New Year!

Mark found this beautiful bright over-wintering Peacock in his garden on 1/01/19. He tells us it posed perfectly ,as can been seen in the lovely photos he shared with us, before flying off into the distance.

In mild weather this species along with others often come out of hibernation. Hopefully it returned to somewhere warm and safe before the very cold temperatures hit Dorset next day.

view of the undersides of a Peacock resting on Mark's finger

Peacock. Photo: Mark Pike

View of a Peacock and a Tortoiseshell nectaring on Buddleia, both showing upper wings

Peacock and Tortoiseshell. Photo: Paul Griffiths

Paul photographed this Peacock and a Tortoiseshell on 30/7/14 in his garden at Bearwood.

It would be interesting to know if Paul was lucky enough to see this sight in 2018, as Tortoiseshell butterflies were sadly rarely seen in Dorset this year nor were the usual numbers of Peacocks seen. Let us hope we will still see sights as lovely as this in future years and the lack of sightings this year was just a one off, due maybe to the intense heat we suffered during their usual flight period.