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View of a resting red butterfly with blue, brown, black and white markings.

Peacock. Photo: Harold Gillen

On his one hour of exercise time on Sandford Heath yesterday, 05/04/2020 Harold saw 6 Peacock butterflies – he also told us that he has seen early numbers of them there before adding that it is a great place for sunbathing and sparring butterflies but there are no nectar plants or nettles for them.

View of a red butterfly with blue, brown, black and white markings resting on the ground

Peacock: Photo: Ann Barlow

Peacock’s are being seen in many parts of Dorset at the moment and Ann sent us this photo of one she saw in the Dorset Wildlife Trust field (aka Orchid Field),  Waterloo Lane, Corfe Mullen yesterday, 04/04/2020.  She added that it was a lovely afternoon and she also saw a number of Peacocks and Brimstones on her walk which she will report to Dorset BC Sightings but only this one stopped to pose.

View of red butterfly with black, white, yellow and blue markings resting on Pussy Willow.

Peacock. Photo: Vicki Palmer

Vicky has sent us this rather lovely photo of a Peacock sunbathing on the pussy willow at Stevens Castle Nature Reserve, Verwood yesterday 01/04/2020.

View of 2 red butterflies with blue, black white and yellow markings resting on a green plant

Peacock. Photo: George McCabe

George tells us that was in a field next to Upwey Station yesterday, 26/03/2020 when he saw two high flying butterflies. He watched them for a couple of minutes hoping they would land somewhere so he could see what they were but they didn’t.  However, as he turned to walk away a shadow appeared over his shoulder and these two Peacocks flew into the bush in front of him, taunting him to be be quick and take their photo as they had got other things on their mind and then they were off on their amorous way.

View of orange butterfly with black markings resting on a white flower.

Comma. Photo: George McCabe

View of red butterfly with blue, black and white markings resting on white May blossom

Peacock. Photo: George McCabe

George spotted this Comma on Mayflower blossom in the hedge running along Icen Lane, Weymouth on 23/03/2020 – he tells us he was watching a Small White and a couple of Brimstone in flight when to his surprise he noticed this Comma sunning itself and he told us nothing was going to move it.

Then on 24/03/2020 he went out with one of his wife’s dogs up to Southdown Ridge, Littlemoor, Weymouth and found a hedge full of Mayflower blossom in a sun trap where he counted 8 Peacock butterflies, one of which seemed to him to be extra-large (he told us it was quite flighty so he could only get a quick photo of it).

View of red butterfly with blue, black, white and yellow markings.

Peacock. Photo: Lynda Lambert

View of orange butterfly with black markings

Comma. Photo: Lynda Lambert

Lynda has sent us these lovely photos of the first garden butterflies she has seen in her Corfe Mullen garden this year – on 20/03/2020 she saw a Comma early in the morning and later in the afternoon she saw a Peacock sunning itself.  Two photos to help lift the spirits in these difficult times.

View of red butterfly with blue, black and white markings

Peacock. Photo: Roger Peart

View of orange butterfly with black markings resting on pink and white flower

Comma. Photo: Roger Peart

Roger sent us these two photos taken on 22/03/2020 in his Wimborne garden with the following comments:

The sun today brought out 4 species of butterfly to my garden (records sent separately). Three in quick succession from my kitchen window this morning: Comma, Brimstone, Small White. Then in the afternoon in the back garden another (maybe the same?) Comma and a Peacock.

The morning Comma (photo here) spent quite some time feeding on this bush and I was able to take  number of photos as it made its way over the flowers.

The Peacock is a bit tatty and has abrasion to its wings – could it have been hibernating in a confined space?

View of red butterfly with blue, white and black markings

Peacock. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian has sent us his first photo this year of a butterfly in his garden at Harman’s Cross with the following comments:

This is the third species we have seen in the garden so far this year, the other two being Red Admiral and Comma. To match our total for 2019 we will have to see a further 24 species in the garden. Spring must be nearly upon us.

PS  This posting was sent out earlier today showing the name of the butterfly as a Red Admiral – entirely my error for which I apologise (John East)

View of red butterfly with with white, blue and black markings on wings

Peacock. Photo: Shona Refoy

View of a yellow butterfly with a few brown specks on the wings.

Brimstone. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona’s continuing search for her second butterfly for 2020 was rewarded yesterday, 16/03/2020 when she saw butterflies at Badbury Rings for the first time this year. The Peacock (her first one of this species this year) was basking on a log, enjoying the sunshine as much as she was!  The Brimstone she told us was having a cleaning session amongst the ivy and then flew into High Wood.