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an open winged Painted Lady and partially open winged Meadow Brown  on bramble

Painted Lady and Meadow Brown. Photo: George McCabe

George sent us this photo of one of the many Painted Ladies he had been seeing over a couple of days, this one taken at Littlemead Weymouth on 24/06/19, sharing the bramble flowers with a Meadow Brown.

It appears there has been a large influx of Painted Ladies all along the South Coast and it could be the start of a huge migration as seen in 2009.

view of a Painted Lady nectaring on Verbena flowers showing uppersides of all wings

Painted Lady. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona spotted this lovely Painted Lady whilst at the National Trust’s Kingston Lacey allotments on 13/10/18.

This is a migrant butterfly sometimes arriving in large numbers though not in 2018. Unfortunately, this species is unable to survive our winter in any stage. This is a real shame as it is a welcome sight as it nectars in gardens throughout the British Isles in late summer.


orange black and white butterfly on ivy buds

Painted Lady. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian says:

What a lovely day today to do the last transect walk of the season at Durlston East. We saw this Painted Lady just below Durlston Castle on the coast path – it looked really special against the bright blue sky. A nice memory to look back on as we wait for the 2019 season.

We have only had one other Painted Lady reported recently, so keep your eyes open and record your sighting here to let us know if you see one.

view of a Painted Lady showing a full upper-wing view

Painted Lady. Photo: Lynda Lambert

view of a Painted Lady nectaring on Michaelmas Daisies

Painted Lady. Photo: Lynda Lambert

After a lean year for garden butterflies, I was delighted to spot this Painted Lady in my Corfe Mullen garden on 26/09/18.

The Painted Lady is a migrant, sometimes arriving to our shores in good years in their thousands, but this year although hot has not been one of those years.

You could be forgiven for thinking these were two different butterflies but the colour difference is purely because one was in the shade and one in the sun.

view of a Painted lady nectaring on a Plumbag flower with wings open wide

Painted Lady. Photo: Michael Skelton

Michael photographed this beautiful Painted Lady on 17/08/18 in Boscombe Cliff gardens and commented that although there were buddlieas in the gardens this lady preferred to nectar on a Chinese Plumbago (Ceratostigma)

We do not seem to have had great numbers of this lovely migrant butterflies arriving to our shores this year as yet, but maybe more will arrive in late summer.

Painted Lady, Longham Lakes.

view of a Painted Lady sitting with wings half open showing markings on upper and under wings

Painted Lady.Photo: Martin Wood

Martin saw this migrant Painted Lady flying along the western edge of Longham Lakes on 14/07/18 before it settled on bramble and posed beautifully for a photo.

This species originates from north Africa, and it has been suggested that the urge to migrate is triggered when an individual encounters a certain density of its own kind within a given area. This theory makes perfect sense, since this species can occur in high densities that result in foodplants being stripped bare on occasion with many larvae perishing as a result.