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Small brown butterfly  with orange spots and a white fringe around wings

Common Blue .Photo: Luc Mitchem

BLack, orange and white buitterfly resting on a gravel track

Painted Lady. Photo: Luc Mitchem

Luc went for an afternoon stroll in Smokey Hole Lane, Dorchester on 31/07/19 and sent us these photos of a female Common Blue, and one of ten Painted Lady butterflies which he saw there. On this photo the Painted Lady appears to have ‘eyes’ to warn off predators, not always so noticable when viewed in the field.

This a lovely example of a female Common Blue, showing the blue basal flush and a clear pattern of spots around the wing borders.

Orange black and white butterfly nectaring on Buddleia

Painted Lady. Photo: Paul Godier

When Paul sent us this photo of a Painted Lady taken at Boscombe Cliff Gardens on 1/08/19 it seemed a good idea to post it to the gallery immediately after the Painted Lady aberration photo, to show the difference between them.

Paul commented that he saw at least a dozen in the gardens that day, nothing like the numbers arriving on the East Coast or further North, but nonetheless lovely to see.

Orange ,black and White butterfly resting on a track

Painted Lady. Photo: George McCabe

George was walking in the woods beside Hardy Monument on 26/07/19 when he spotted a Painted Lady on the track.

Although we have had reports of far more in Dorset this year than last, we have yet to see the numbers here that are flying in further north. Thousands were recorded last weekend in Northumberland, so maybe the big 10 year migration is underway.

A Painted Lady with a bee on Knapweed

Painted Lady with Bee. Photo: Mel Bray

Orange , BLack, white and Yellow Butterfly nectaring on Scabious

Small Tortoiseshell. Photo: Mel Bray

Two stunning butterflies, captured on camera by Mel at Badbury Rings on 9/07/19. Painted Ladies are being seen in great numbers this year, in the UK and even higher numbers in Europe. The Small Tortoiseshell seems to be having a better year but is still a butterfly in steep decline sadly.

Painted Lady on bramble flowers

Painted Lady. Photo: Roger Peart

Brown butterfly with orange eyespots

Meadow Brown. photo: Roger Peart

Roger saw the Painted Lady and the rather worn Meadow Brown on 25/06/19 at Longham Lakes.

It’s good to see the Meadow Brown with open wings as they are a species that so often nectar or rest with wings closed. This is a male as the female shows orange patches around and below the eyepots.

an open winged Painted Lady and partially open winged Meadow Brown  on bramble

Painted Lady and Meadow Brown. Photo: George McCabe

George sent us this photo of one of the many Painted Ladies he had been seeing over a couple of days, this one taken at Littlemead Weymouth on 24/06/19, sharing the bramble flowers with a Meadow Brown.

It appears there has been a large influx of Painted Ladies all along the South Coast and it could be the start of a huge migration as seen in 2009.