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A collection of 14 images of butterflies and moths

BC Walk at Osmington August 2021. Photo: Donald Simcock

Donald sent us this “postcard collection” of photos he took of just some of the butterflies and moths seen on the very successful BC Walk at Osmington on 25/08/2021.

The group saw a total of 21 species of butterflies, 8 species of moths, Southern and Migrant Hawker dragonflies plus the added bonus of Spotted and Pied Flycatchers.

Thanks from all who attended to Colin and Christine for organising and leading such an enjoyable walk.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  In some web browsers this photo may appear to be too large to see – if this happens just double click on the image and all should then be OK.

View of an orange butterfly with black and white markings perching on a thistle

Painted Lady. Photo: Brian Arnold

A golden brown buttterfly with some black markings nectaring on a white flower

Large Skipper. Photo: Brian Arnold

Two photos from Brian both taken yesterday, 23/06/2021 who sent them in telling us:

After a week of dull damp weather finally today our first Large Skipper appeared in our garden at Harman’s Cross. The sunshine has also brought out several Meadow Browns in our garden. Also seen were Common Blue, Large White and Red Admiral. Our garden species total for this year is now at 15 – somewhat lower than I would have normally expected by this time of year.

I also led a walk for the Swanage Walking Group today from Ringstead to Osmington and White Nothe. Along the way we saw lots of Meadow Brown, a Common Blue, a Red Admiral, several Large Skippers and this Painted Lady which followed us along the coast path between Osmington and Ringstead for a couple of minutes.

View of a red butterfly with black, white and blue markings

Peacock. Photo: Amelia Coffen

This is just one of several photos Amelia sent to us last year which were taken on 10/07/2020 on the ridge coming out of Osmington near Weymouth.  The other photos were added to the Gallery at the time but I held this one back to be added in the depths of winter when the vibrant colours of the Peacock butterfly are even more of a joy to see.

Greenish yellow butterfly with some brown markings nectaring on a purple buddleia flower

Brimstone. Photo: Amelia Coffen

Greenish white butterfly with black markings nectaring on a purple Buddleia flower

Large White. Photo: Amelia Coffen

Amelia sent us these photos of a Brimstone and Large White she took at Osmington on 17/07/2020 – it really does seem that Buddleia is the butterflies top choice for nectar at the moment justifying it’s name as the butterfly bush.

Black moth with r6 red spots on forewings

Six-spot Burnet Moth. Photo: Ameila Coffen

Ameila photographed this six-spot Burnet moth at Osmington on 10/07/20. Very similar to the Five-spot Burnet moth except it having 3 pairs of spots on the top of its forewings as opposed to one spot and two pairs.

It has one generation, late June to August and favours thistles and Knapweeds, the larval foodplant being mainly Birdsfoot Trefoils.

View of two yellow butterflies mating in the grass

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Harold Gillen

Harold took this photo of Clouded Yellows mating on 22/08/2019 on the hills to the west of Osmington whilst on a walk organised by the Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation. Harold tells us that in total they saw 17 species and that it was a lovely walk with good weather and great company.



Black and white geometriacallt striped moth on buddleia

Jersey Tiger. Photo: John Kirwin

Orange Brown moth with a white spot on inside edge of each forewings

Vapourer moth. Photo: John Kirwin

John sent us these photos of a Jersey Tiger moth and a Vapourer which he spotted when he joined our walk to Osmington on 22/08/19.

The Jersey Tiger is a suspected immigrant, though many were spotted earlier this year so maybe it is now a resident. Can be found mid July -early Sept.

In the South the Vapourer can be seen July-Oct, while in the North it is found a little later, Sept-Oct.

John and Jane thanked us for a wonderful walk and said how much they enjoyed it. We are very pleased to hear that so anyone interested in the walks and events we arrange, please check out the Events page on the website.

Clouded Yellows at Osmington

Two yellow butterflies in long grass

Clouded yellows mating. Photo; Harold Gillen

We’ve had two lots of praise come in for the walk we held at Osmington on 22 August – we’re glad it was enjoyable! This shot of mating Clouded Yellows comes from Harold Gillen, who reports the guided walk saw 17 species in all, and said: “Lovely walk, lovely weather and great company”. Thank you Harold!