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Orange-Tip (female). Photo: Lynda Lambert

Orange-Tip (female). Photo: Lynda Lambert

A female Orange-Tip photographed in the mating refusal posture at the RSPB’s Arne Nature Reserve on 22/04/2017.

Green-veined White egg. Photo: Lynda Lambert

Orange-Tip egg. Photo: Lynda Lambert

Lynda was also lucky enough to photograph this Orange-Tip egg a couple of days later on this Lady’s Smock flower at a different location.

Green Hairstreak butterfly, side view

Green Hairstreak. Photo: Dave Law

Male Orange Tip on a dandelion flower

Orange Tip. Photo: Dave Law

Dave took both these shots at Melbury Down on 07/04/2017. He reports that there were two Green Hairstreaks, both holding a territory. The Green Hairstreak is the only green butterfly in Britain, so you cannot mistake it, but it’s not around for very long.

Side view of an Orange Tip, showing the under-wing mottling

Orange Tip. Photo: Mel Bray.

Mel tells us he stook up to his knees in nettles for twenty minutes before the butterfly settled more or less where he thought it would – that’s dedication for you! Taken by the River Stour at Throop.


Female Orange Tip, showing both upper and under wing patterning

Orange Tip. Photo: James Gould

James says: “Walking down from the Ridgeway towards Nether Cerne I spotted this elusive female Orange Tip in a field of rape [2 June]”. It’s great to be able to see both the upper wing and the underwing patterning in one shot.

Crab spider eating orange tip butterfly - the body of the spider is where the head of the butterfly should be

Orange Tip being eaten by a crab spider. Photo: Ann and Gordon Cryer

This totally surreal photo of an Orange Tip being eaten by a crab spider was taken at Stubhampton Bottom on 16 May. In case you are struggling to make out what’s what – have a look at the photo below. Well done to Ann and Gordon for spotting it!

Crab spider eating an orange tip butterfly

Orange Tip being eaten by a crab spider. Photo: Ann and Gordon Cryer