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View of a white butterfly with green markings and orange tips to the wings nectaring on a blue flower.

Orange Tip. Photo: Mel Bray

Mel like many of us is continuing to keep a close eye on the butterflies in the garden and has sent us this photo of a beautiful Orange Tip taken yesterday morning, 06/04/2020.  Also seen were two Holly Blues that were reluctant to settle and be photographed.

View of a white butterfly with black tips to the wings resting on a green leaf.

Orange Tip. Photo: Ian Ballam

Ian was persuaded to send us this photo of a female Orange-tip he had in his garden in Poole on 01/04/20 and I am very pleased that he did.

It is a rather lovely and delicate butterfly that really symbolizes the arrival of Spring and seeing it helps to lift the spirit which is something we all need at the moment.

Butterfly with large orange tips to white wings and green mottling underneath

Orange Tip. Photo: Shona Refoy

Brown butterfly with soft paler markings

Dingy Skipper Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona tells us:

I went to Badbury Rings yesterday (29/04/2019), and saw this Orange Tip beside the path on the way to the Rings. The Dingy Skipper was in the valley between the Rings. Both are nectaring on Dandelions, which seem to be a popular source of nectar at the moment!

White butterfly with prominent orange tips to its wings

Orange Tip. Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann says:

Finally, an Orange Tip prepared to settle so that I could take a photo today, although it was difficult to focus as the wind was quite strong. This was at the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s ‘Orchid Field’ in Waterloo Road, Corfe Mullen. [29/04/2019]

photo of a Green -veined White and an Orange -tip plus an egg, on Lady's Smock

Orange -Tip and Green-veined White and an Orange -tip egg. Photo. Mark Pike

Mark visited Motcombe Meadows on 25/04/19 and although overcast and windy he found this delightful scene.

An Orange-tip and a Green-veined White sharing a Lady’s Smock flower where an Orange-tip has laid a tiny orange egg.

This egg would have been a whitish colour when it was first laid a few days ago, before turning bright orange. Green-veined White eggs are whitish when laid and do not change colour.

view of an Orange tip male  rsing on grass with wings wide open

Orange tip. Photo: Shona Refoy

view of the underside of an Orange tip on white flowers

Orange tip. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona sent us these photos of an Orange tip found on 17/04.19 and says:

I had been hoping to take my first ever photos of an Orange Tip this Spring, and on a walk up the footpath beside Badbury Rings this afternoon my wish was granted!

The undersides of this butterfly whether male or female is always such a surprise when seen for the first time. Beautiful!


view of a male Orange Tip with partially opened wings nectaring on Dog Violets

Orange Tip, Photo: Mel Bray

Mel saw this beautiful freshly emerged male Orange Tip on 22/04/18 at Queen’s Copse, Horton.

He commented that this was one of two males patrolling the same territory. Orange Tips are a little late emerging this year due to the cold , wet weather, but should now be seen on sunny days until June.

The female lays her tiny orange eggs on hedge garlic, cuckoo flowers,  honesty or tower rock cress, the caterpillar foodplant.

view of an Orange Tipshowing a glimpse of the green patterned underside of hind-wing

Orange Tip. Photo: Nicki Maslen

view of amale Orange tip  alighting on a cuckoo flower

Orange Tip. Photo: Nicki Maslen

Nicki saw this beautiful Male Orange tip while recording for RSPB Weymouth on the Weymouth Relief Road on 5/05/18.

The Cuckoo flowers it is visiting is one of the favourite caterpillar foodplants, and one the female lays her eggs on. Hedge Garlic and Honesty are two more .

This species overwinters as a chrysalis and the adult butterflies emerge in late March in good years and can be seen on the wing until June.