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Lankham Bottom camp and mothing session August 9/10 2013

Over 35 people attended the Open Day and moth trapping session at Lankham Bottom Butterfly Reserve on August 9th and 10th – ranging in age from five to… well, shall we say over 50?

It was a cool clear night for the BBQ (with a great view of the International Space Station going over) and the moth numbers were reasonable – well over 500 moths of 80 different species, with plenty of large colourful macros to satisfy everyone.

Grateful thanks to Jack Oughton and Vince Giavarini for his help with the identification of the tricky micros.

Pebble Hook-tip moth

Pebble Hook-tip moth. Photo: Lyn Pullen

Read the full list of moths trapped.

The highlights of the guided walk were the discovery of very good numbers of Marsh Fritillary larval webs on the eastern slopes of the reserve, and a view of a Redstart presumably moving through on its southward migration.

National Moth Night at the Milldown

Four-spotted Footman moths

Four-spotted Footman moths, male on the left and female on the right. Photo: Lawrie de Whalley

National Moth night trapping on the site of the BC Milldown transect recorded 58 species: 50 macro moths and 8 micros.

These Four-spotted Footman, above, were a good find: these moths are both migrants and have been known to form transient colonies in Dorset, but are not often found. For full information on the species see www.dorsetmothgroup.info.

The North Dorset Ranger in charge of the site, his daughter and 6 Butterfly Conservation members were joined by about 12 passing visitors to enjoy seeing what was caught, which included Old Lady and Rosy Footman moths.

Thanks to Colin Burningham and Bob Steadman for setting up the event.