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Green Hairstreak butterfly, side view

Green Hairstreak. Photo: Dave Law

Male Orange Tip on a dandelion flower

Orange Tip. Photo: Dave Law

Dave took both these shots at Melbury Down on 07/04/2017. He reports that there were two Green Hairstreaks, both holding a territory. The Green Hairstreak is the only green butterfly in Britain, so you cannot mistake it, but it’s not around for very long.

Dark Green Fritillary (female). Photo: Dave Law

Dark Green Fritillary (female). Photo: Dave Law

This almost immaculate female Dark Green Fritillary was found at Melbury Down by Dave Law. He believes and we agree with him that the butterfly had only just emerged hours before. Dave adds that after sunning itself for a few moments, it flew off very clumsily before being chased by several males, disappearing shortly after. Photo taken on 13/07/2016.


Melbury Down explodes with butterflies

The butterfly monitoring walk on Melbury Down on 26 July was 340 butterflies in one hour. Lawrie de Whalley says: “Dark Green Fritillary at 31 is always exciting to see, Marbled Whites at 65 were busy nectaring on Field Scabious and Knapweed [as in the photo, though this was not taken here]. Small Heath at 40 is also a joy to see and so many in my 5 metre survey strip.”