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Butterflies reported to the website breaking records

a blue male and brown female butterfly both with orange spots and blue studs mating
Silver-studded Blues mating. Photo: Mel Bray

Compared to last year, most of this year has been better, though mid-June was actually down on last year’s totals. However, the recent spell of sunny weather has changed that with numbers being up by 38% Continue reading

Painted Lady on bramble flowers

Painted Lady. Photo: Roger Peart

Brown butterfly with orange eyespots

Meadow Brown. photo: Roger Peart

Roger saw the Painted Lady and the rather worn Meadow Brown on 25/06/19 at Longham Lakes.

It’s good to see the Meadow Brown with open wings as they are a species that so often nectar or rest with wings closed. This is a male as the female shows orange patches around and below the eyepots.

an open winged Painted Lady and partially open winged Meadow Brown  on bramble

Painted Lady and Meadow Brown. Photo: George McCabe

George sent us this photo of one of the many Painted Ladies he had been seeing over a couple of days, this one taken at Littlemead Weymouth on 24/06/19, sharing the bramble flowers with a Meadow Brown.

It appears there has been a large influx of Painted Ladies all along the South Coast and it could be the start of a huge migration as seen in 2009.

Albino form Meadow Brown resting on the ground with wings closed

Meadow Brown, Albino form. Photo: Rose Ouston

Rose found this unusual Albino Meadow Brown at Badbury rings in July 2017.

Meadow Browns are one of the most common UK butterflies, flying over a long period  from early May to late October, in grassy, flowery places in a wide range of habitats, in dry or damp conditions. Caterpillar foodplants : a wide variety of grasses.