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Marsh Fritillaries mating at Lydlinch

Two Marsh Fritillaries mating while holding onto a twig

Marsh Fritillaries. Photo: Dave Law

Dave suggests the Marsh Fritillaries at Lydlinch Common (North Dorset) are increasing: “After a few days of overcast weather, the Marsh Fritillary at Lydlinch were still going strong , with this pair looking extremely fresh despite being on the wing for nearly two weeks now . Good to see strong numbers afters a few tough years.”

Duke of Burgundy and Marsh Fritillary Cerne

Fresh-looking Marsh Fritillary with open wings

Marsh Fritillary. Photo: Brian Arnold.

An unusually light Duke of Burgundy butterfly

Duke of Burgundy. Photo: Brian Arnold

The second photo above might be the same butterfly as the one taken by Mark Pike a little further down this page, but we thought it worth showing it to agree with Brian’s point that it could be confused with the Marsh Fritillary at a glance. Both photos taken at Cerne Giant Hill on 30 May.

Marsh Fritillary

Tatty butterfly no.1: Marsh Fritillary. Photo: Derek Fowler

The spring butterflies have come to an end here in Dorset but we want to see your photographs of ‘Tatty Butterflies of 2015’ which will run until the end of the season! To kick things off, we have been sent this lovely image of a rather ragged, Marsh Fritillary butterfly taken on the 02/07/15 at Cerne Abbas.

Can you beat this one? If so, send us your images!

Marsh Fritillary – Cerne Abbas

Marsh Fritillary

Marsh Fritillary. Photo: Rosanna Pengelly

A beautiful image of a Marsh Fritillary, photographed on an Early Purple Orchid (Orchis mascula) and showing the wonderful flower-rich grassland habitat in which the butterflies thrive at Cerne Abbas on 28/05/15.

Rosanna adds: ‘The Cowslips there this spring are in their millions, the best ever!’ – Wonderful news for the Duke of Burgundy whose caterpillars feed on the leaves of Cowslips.