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Butterfly with orange forewings and brwon hindwinds edges with orange.

Small Copper. Photo: John Woodruff

Hod Hill features again! There must be a lot of butterfly photographers up there – we can only congratulate them on being able to climb the hill and still have breath to take pictures. John spotted this on 12/05/2019.

Two dark brown butterflies with white markings, in mating position

Grizzled Skippers. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona caught these two ensuring the next generation of Grizzled Skippers on Hod HIll on 11/05/2019. she says they flew around each other for several minutes, then appeared to be mating, then separated and then finally mated.

view of an Adonis Blue nectaring on a purple flower

Adonis Blue. Photo: Shona ReFoy

Shona tells us that when she walked up Hod Hill on 7/09/18 this was the only Adonis Blue butterfly she saw that day.

This is not unusual as the first emergence of this species peaks at the beginning of June, and the second emergence is in the second half of August peaking at the beginning of September.

Of course with our changing weather patterns these dates are subject to slight change.

view of a pair of Small Heaths on Centaurea

Small Heaths. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona photographed these Small Heaths nectaring on Centaurea on the top of Hod Hill   on 7/09/18

She tells us that the left hand butterfly is a female and the right hand one is a male. This is the smallest of our ‘brown'( Nymphalidae) butterflies and can be found on warm days in almost any type of habitat.