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Caterpillar silk webs

View of caterpillars in silk web on green hedge
Spindle Ermine Moth Larvae in web. Photo: John East

The annual caterpillar silk webs phenomenon

It’s the time of year when we get many emails expressing concern about the activities of web-spinning moth caterpillars that appear in spring in our hedgerows and trees.

This year we would like to collect records of these sightings with photos. Continue reading

View of reddish orange and black butterfly with white markings on the wings resting on a silver leafed Artemisia plant.

Red Admiral. Photo: John East

We were sitting in the dining room today, 10/11/2019, when my wife noticed a butterfly flying in the back garden which then settled on an Artemisia plant – we both said it must be a Red Admiral which proved to be the case and it stayed on the plant just long enough for me to get this photo.  Shortly before we saw this butterfly we had both remarked that we didn’t think we would see any more butterflies in the garden this year and then this one appeared just to show how wrong we were.

View of small orange and black butterfly on deep pink Cosmos flower

Small Copper. Photo: John East

John took this photo of a Small Copper nectaring on a Cosmos flower in his Hinton St Mary Garden on 06/10/2019 but delayed publishing it in the Gallery until now to try and brighten a grey November day.  A reminder of a good butterfly summer and the hope of another one next year.

View of red and black butterfly with some white markings

Red Admiral. Photo: John East

John sent in this photo of a Red Admiral and told us that on a very wet and windy afternoon, 27/09/2019, he was looking out over his garden wondering when the torrential rain would stop.  Suddenly it did and 3 minutes later he noticed a flash of red out of the corner of his eye. Looking through the window more closely he then saw this Red Admiral which had settled on some gravel.  It was In very good condition particularly bearing in mind the hostile weather for butterflies and must have found a very good place to shelter in out of the rain.