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View of two yellow butterflies mating in the grass

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Harold Gillen

Harold took this photo of Clouded Yellows mating on 22/08/2019 on the hills to the west of Osmington whilst on a walk organised by the Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation. Harold tells us that in total they saw 17 species and that it was a lovely walk with good weather and great company.



Clouded Yellows at Osmington

Two yellow butterflies in long grass

Clouded yellows mating. Photo; Harold Gillen

We’ve had two lots of praise come in for the walk we held at Osmington on 22 August – we’re glad it was enjoyable! This shot of mating Clouded Yellows comes from Harold Gillen, who reports the guided walk saw 17 species in all, and said: “Lovely walk, lovely weather and great company”. Thank you Harold!

Adonis Blue, Photo: Harold Gillen

On Bindon Hill on 3/07/19 Harold spotted an early or late Adonis Blue.

This species first brood is normally over by the third week of June, and the second brood does not appear until early August.

Maybe the up and down temperatures this summer have confused some insects.

Three black and white butterflies mating

Marbled Whites mating. Photo: Harold Gillen

showing Marbled whites on may flower heads

Marbled Whites. Photo: Harold Gillen

Harold was rather surprised to see three Marbled Whites attempting to mateon when he visited Bindon Hill on 3/07/19 .

Have they not hear that two’s company and three’s a crowd?

He tells us there were butterflies on many flowers as his picture shows.

Despite its name, the Marbled White is more closely related to the subfamily known as the “browns” than the “whites”, and can be found from mid June to the end of July.

Black and White Butterfly with open wings nectaring on bramble

White Admiral . Photo: Harold Gillen

Harold visited Studland Heath on 2/07/19 and found these White Admirals.

This is a good record for the Heath, not so long ago it was difficult to find this species but they now seem to be increasing . They are usually found in a woodland habitat and can be found between late June and early September.

Female Common Blue on grass stems showing upper wings

Common Blue. Photo: Harold Gillen

a golden brown butterfly on grass stems showing the paw print features on upper forewings

Lulworth Skipper. Photo: Harold Gillen 

Harold tells us.

I helped out on the Lulworth Walk yesterday, 5/06/19 and saw plenty of Lulworth Skippers and a lovely female Common Blue.

Saw 12 species in all including my first Large Skipper and Meadow Brown of the season.

Well done Harold sounds like a very successful event.

view of a Peacock on Grape Hyacinths showing uppersides of all wings

Peacock. photo Howard Gillen

Harold spotted this beautiful Peacock on grape Hyacinths in his Sandford garden on 17/03/19.

Tempted out of hibernation due to warm temperatures and obviously not minding the gale force winds we experienced  that week.