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View of orange and brown butterfly on green plant

Silver-spotted Skipper. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona Writes:

I went back to Fontmell Down on Thursday 08/08/2019, and saw several Silver-spotted Skippers, all male. I like front view photos because they show how cute the butterfly is, and that they appear to be wearing furry shorts!

view of an Adonis Blue resting on grass with wings wide open

Adonis Blue. Photo: Alison Copland

Alison photographed this Adonis Blue at Fontmell Down on 15/08/18.

The male Adonis Blue has brilliantly-coloured blue wings that gives this butterfly its name, and can be found flying low over vegetation, seeking out the less-conspicuous females that are a rich chocolate brown in colour.

This species has two broods, and this is one of the second generation which is on the wing from the second half of August.

rare view3 of a Male and Female Brimstone nectaring on Knapweed

Brimstones. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona observed this unusual sight at Fontmell Down on 15/07/18. How many of us can say we have seen both male and female Brimstone butterflies nectaring on the same flower? It is a lovely record and shows the difference in colour between the sexes so clearly.