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First Meadow Brown takes us to 29 species in Dorset

Meadow Brown with open wings
Meadow Brown. Photo: Elaine Conlon

Elaine Conlon’s photo of a Meadow Brown at Badbury Rings on 30 May is our first record of a Meadow Brown for 2016, beating the first sighting in 2015 by a clear week. We now have 29 species which have taken to the wing in Dorset this year. Continue reading

Up to 28 species so far this year

Side view of a Ringlet butterfly, with very clear rings
Female Ringlet. Photo: Ken Dolbear

Dorset is a great place for butterflies. Our very varied geology, plus being on the south coast, combine to give us around 45 species either resident or as a reliable migrant (“around” because this list includes the Wood White and the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, both of which are possibly becoming extinct in the County).

As of 24 May, 28 of these species have been reported on the wing. May has added:

  • Marsh Fritillary
  • Adonis Blue
  • Duke of Burgundy
  • Lulworth Skipper
  • Ringlet
  • Dark Green Fritiallary.

You can keep up with the first sightings on our First Sightings page.