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First Meadow Brown takes us to 29 species in Dorset

Meadow Brown with open wings
Meadow Brown. Photo: Elaine Conlon

Elaine Conlon’s photo of a Meadow Brown at Badbury Rings on 30 May is our first record of a Meadow Brown for 2016, beating the first sighting in 2015 by a clear week. We now have 29 species which have taken to the wing in Dorset this year. Continue reading

Up to 28 species so far this year

Side view of a Ringlet butterfly, with very clear rings
Female Ringlet. Photo: Ken Dolbear

Dorset is a great place for butterflies. Our very varied geology, plus being on the south coast, combine to give us around 45 species either resident or as a reliable migrant (“around” because this list includes the Wood White and the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, both of which are possibly becoming extinct in the County).

As of 24 May, 28 of these species have been reported on the wing. May has added:

  • Marsh Fritillary
  • Adonis Blue
  • Duke of Burgundy
  • Lulworth Skipper
  • Ringlet
  • Dark Green Fritiallary.

You can keep up with the first sightings on our First Sightings page.

11 species of butterfly now out in Dorset

Two Peacock butterflies on the ground, one just behind the other

Pair of Peacocks. Photo: Brian Arnold

The recent few days of good weather have brought the butterflies out. Species reported to our website are: Brimstone; Clouded Yellow; Comma; Holly Blue; Large White; Orange Tip; Peacock; Red Admiral; Small Tortoiseshell; Small White and Speckled Wood.