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Peppered Moth Caterpillar, Corfe Mullen

Green Caterpillar with brown/red spot along its length

Peppered Moth Caterpillar. Photo : Ann Barlow

Green Caterpillar with brown/red dots along its lengthh

Peppered Moth Caterpillar.Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann discovered this Peppered Moth caterpillar on garden roses in Corfe Mullen on 18/10/20. Nigel Spring was able to ID it quickly for her and after reading up she tells us:

Interestingly the write up says that the caterpillar can detect colour through its skin, and so it moulds itself to look very like whichever plant it is feeding on! Very clever.

The adult will be a fairly large striking black and white  moth, on the wing early May – late August but rarely seen by day.

 There are black and intermediate forms, caused by atmospheric pollution .These are generally declining but still frequent in some places.

A reddish orange and black butterfly with white markings nectaring on on lilac coloured Buddleia flower

Red Admiral. Photo: Ann Barlow

A chocolate brown and cream coloured butterfly resting on a yellowish leaf

Speckled Wood. Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann has sent us these two photos taken in Corfe Mullen with the following comments:

I was surprised to see in our garden today, 06/10/2020 a Red Admiral and a rather tatty Large White on our Buddleia in the rain. Later, on my walk I saw 3 Speckled Woods as well, very nice for this late in the year.

An orange butterfly with brown and black markings nectaring on a lilac coloured Buddleia flower

Comma. Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann sent in this photo of a fresh-looking Comma taken in her Corfe Mullen garden yesterday, 29/09/2020 adding that she very pleased to see it on her Buddleia which also had visits from a Red Admiral, and a Large White.

A blackish butterfly with red and white markings and a red butterfly with black, blue and white markings both nectaring on a pink Buddleia flower

Red Admiral and Peacock. Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann has sent in this photo taken in her Corfe Mullen garden yesterday, 28/09/2020 telling us:

 A pleasant surprise today was seeing 4 butterflies on one Buddleia at the same time – 2 Large Whites, a Peacock and a Red Admiral (see photo above of two of them).

Two perching orange and brown butterflies with black markings

Small Copper. Photo: Ann Barlow

A brown and orange butterfly resting on the ground

Small Heath. Photo: Ann Barlow

Here are a couple of photos from Ann which she sent in with the following comments:

I have seen more Small Coppers this year than ever before, so I hope it’s a really good year for them – this first photo was taken on my visit to the Orchid Field in Corfe Mullen yesterday, 17/09/2020. The Small Heath which I saw on Lesley’s Heath Field, Corfe Mullen this morning, 18/09/2020 was my first sighting of this species this year.  

A blue and greyish butterfly with black, white and orange markings perching on a brown plant seed head

Common Blue. Photo: Ann Barlow

Two pale brown and blue butterflies with black, white and orange markings perched on a plant seed head

Common Blues. Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann has sent us these two photos with the following comments:

On my walk yesterday,14/09/2020 I went through the orchid field in Corfe Mullen, not expecting to see any wildlife as the field has been mown. However, in the ‘second field’ where nothing has been mown to date, I found at least 5 Common Blues – very active in the bright sunshine, together with a couple of Small Coppers and occasional whites – a real joy to see.

A brown butterfly with cream and black markings resting on a green leaf

Speckled Wood. Photo: Ann Barlow

An orange and brown butterfly with black markings resting on a green leaf

Small Copper. Photo: Ann Barlow

Two photos sent to us by Ann taken on her walk yesterday, 12/09/2020 in Corfe Mullen.  She also told us that although the orchid field has now been mown, she found a nice Small Copper there and not one but 3 Speckled Woods in the Badgers Green lane on her way home.

A red butterfly with black, white, brown, yellow and blue markings nectaring on a bright orange flower

Peacock. Photo: Ann Barlow

A very vibrant photo from Ann sent in telling us:

I attach a photo of a Peacock in our Corfe Mullen back garden today, 11/09/2020.  We’ve had quite a few white butterflies visiting recently, laying eggs on the Nasturtium plants we grow for them, and enjoying the Verbena Bonariensis, Nasturtium and Viola flowers.  However, it was very nice to see this Peacock arrive this morning as we have seen very few of these and even fewer Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Commas etc this year.