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A golden brown butterfly resting on s green plant stem

Lulworth Skipper. Photo: Mark Pike

A golden brown butterfly perching on the head of a flower

Lulworth Skipper. Photo: Mark Pike

Two photos of Lulworth Skippers taken on 01/06/2021 and sent in by Mark – he told us that he saw eight of them on a grassy bank in the National Trust car park at Corfe Castle.

Orange butterfly with black markings resting in foliage

Small Copper. Photo: Jeremy Oakes

Jeremy sent us this photo of a Small Copper he saw yesterday, 20/07/2020 on Halves Fields in Corfe Castle.  It is a butterfly readily identified by its brightly burnished copper forewings with black margins and spots. The hindwings are dark with black-spotted copper margins.

View of a golden brown butterfly nectaring on a yellow flower

Lulworth Skipper. Photo: John Woodruff

View of a golden brown butterfly resting on a green plant

Lulworth Skipper. Photo: John Woodruff

John sent us these photos of Lulworth Skippers basking in the early morning sunlight at Corfe Castle on 25/05/2020.  This is the smallest and darkest of the golden Skippers and as its name suggests, is a speciality of south-east Dorset.

view of a Lulworth Skipper with wings partially open showing the upper fore-wings

Lulworth Skipper. Photo: Mark Pike

view of a Lulworth Skipper taken from the rear and clearly showing the sun ray pattern on the fore-wings

Lulworth Skipper. photo: Mark Pike

Unbelievably these Skipper photos were taken in Corfe Castle car park on 2/06/18 by Mark Pike.

Who would imagine finding this species there, Mark says he even saw some settling on cars!

The above photograph shows the diagnostic sunray pattern of a Lulworth Skipper very well, not something usually captured.

Well done Mark!


view of a Peacock, with open wings on a white flower

Peacock. Photo: Susan Sedgley

Susan sent us this photo of a Peacock in her Corfe Castle garden which she took in September, 2017.

We can expect to see a few of these butterflies emerge from hibernation when winter temperatures rise above the norm and the sun is shining. So far this year 5 Peacocks have been reported to BC Dorset , the first on 2/01/18  from Wimborne.

The majority emerge from hibernation at the end of March and beginning of April. These mate and ultimately give rise to the next generation that emerges at the end of July.

Three Small Heaths mating!

Three Small Heaths on a twig

Small Heaths. Photo: Richard Collier

This amazing photo appears to show three Small Heath butterflies in a menage a trois! We think it is two males and one female. Seen by Richard Collier on a walk from Corfe Castle to Swanage. June 2017.

Let us know if you have ever seen anything like this before – we’d be interested: email [email protected]