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Marsh Fritillary on Compton Down

View of a fresh Marsh Fritiallary from the top

Marsh Fritiallry. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark says:  Thought you might like these couple of pics of a superbly fresh Marsh Fritillary taken today (10/05/17) on Compton Down. Had me running up and down the darned hillside for a few hours but eventually nailed the blighter!


Two Holly Blues joined together, seen sideways on

Holly Blues mating. Photo: Dave Law

Dave says: “Considering Holly Blues were quite scarce last summer its great to see them almost everywhere around North Dorset . This pair were seen at Compton Down [on 19/04/2017] along with several Green Hairstreak and plenty of Speckled Wood. However across the valley on Fontmell Down it appears worryingly lifeless within the boundaries of the fencing. Only a few Grizzled Skippers seen and hardly any nectar sources plus cattle grazing still going on ! Outside the boundaries plenty of cowslip, daisy and hawkweeds . Hope it rapidly improves “.

Forester Moth on Compton Down

Bright Green moth on a bright pink flower

Forester moth. Photo: Gordon Cryer

What a lovely combination of colours: a bright green moth on a bright pink flower. Or to be more precise, a Forester moth on a Pyramidal Orchid, June 11th, taken at Compton Down on 11 June. A rare moth, so Gordon did well to catch this shot.