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view of a Common Blue resting on a dead flower head

Common Blue. Photo: Penny Hawes

Penny found this lovely male Common Blue at Portland on 6/09/18.

It looks in such a pristine condition, so it is hard to believe we are already into Autumn. The Blues seem to have had a very good year and after the prolonged dry spell, the rains have revived the caterpillar foodplants . Hopefully this will ode well for the 2019 butterfly season.

view of the upper wings of a female Common Blue on grasses

Common Blue. Photo: Harold Gillen

Harold went on a guided walk to Ballard Down on 19/08/18 and photographed this Common Blue.

Sadly the weather was not good, and only one other person turned up, which was a pity asit  brightened up later and a few butterflies were seen.

This female Common Blue is lovely and it shows how variable the females can be. Often the upperwing ground colour is brown with blue basal and discal shading, but on this specimen the blue is very extensive.

common Blue nectaring on Monbretia Flowers

Common Blue. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian was surprised to see this Common Blue nectaring on Monbretia flowers in his Harman’s Cross garden on 13/09/18.

He commented that he has never seen any butterflies using it before in all the years he has lived there, yet he also found a Tortoiseshell nectaring on it too.The first butterfly he saw on the flowers the day before, he had thought was taking moisture from the leaves after the rain the previous night.

As Brian also remarked, the blue of the subject against the rich orange flowers made for a stunning photograph.

view of a Male Common Blue nectaring on a white flower with wings fully open

Common Blue. Photo: Michael Skelton

MIchael photographed this beautiful Male Common Blue on Bournemouth Cliffs on 28/07/18.

This butterfly’s wings are almost transparent as you can see through them to the flower buds it is nectaring on.

Common Blues appear to be having a good year as there are numerous reports of good numbers being seen in gardens as well as the wider countryside.

view of a Common Blue on a plantain seed head showing fore and hind upperwings

Common Blue. Photo: Martin Wood

Martin as was Badbury Rings on 6/06/18  in search of a Dark Green Fritillary but the sun wouldn’t shine,so sadly for Martin, no show!

However he spotted this lovely male Common Blue and the light that day makes the blue appear much deeper than other common Blues posted to this gallery recently. Without seeing the undersides, blues can be notoriously difficult to identify, but in the UK,  there is no mistaking this butterfly for any other species.

view of a male  Common Blue basking on grass with wings wide open

Common Blue. Photo: John Woodruff

John found this beautiful male Common Blue on Fontmell Down on 3/06/18.

The plain white fringe around the wings is one way to tell it apart from its cousin,  Adonis Blue , when only the upper wings are visible. Adonis Blue has black lines through the fringe giving it a chequered appearance.

The flight season is late March to early November in two or more broods, but dependant as always on suitable weather conditions. It is one of Europe’s most adaptable butterflies and can be found in a wide variety of habitats .