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A blue butterfly with orange, black and white markings resting on green and brown coloured foliage

Common Blue. Photo: Rob Morrison

Rob sent us this photo of a female Common Blue taken at Badbury Rings on 14/05/2020 with the following comments:

Although a strong north easterly breeze was present and ambient temperature a really chilly 12 C, by hunkering down in the ditches between the earthwork rings, this butterfly was seemingly able to go about her daily rota without undue weather disturbance. Also seen were other Common Blues, Brimstones, Small Heaths, Dingy and Grizzled Skippers.  My hopes of locating a Green Hairstreak were yet again fruitless.  Outside of the ditches, no other butterflies were seen braving the windswept flower meadows.

View of a resting bright blue butterfly

Common Blue. Photo: Brian Arnold

View of a resting pale brown and orange butterfly

Small Heath. Photo: Brian Arnold

Two photos from Brian sent to us with the following comments:

We walked from home today, 24/05/2020 to Seacombe and Dancing Ledge on the coast path. There were lots of very fresh looking Small Heath and Common Blue. One of the blues was such a brilliant blue that I was convinced it was an Adonis Blue until I saw it up close and realised it was a Common Blue trying to fool us into thinking it was an Adonis!

View of a blue and beige butterfly with black, white and orange markings perching on a flower head

Common Blue. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian took this photo on 17/05/2020 and sent it to us with the following comments:

We walked along the base of Ballard Down near Swanage late this afternoon, but very few butterflies as it was getting quite late and cold. This Common Blue (male) had settled down for the night so was easy to photograph.

View of a blue butterfly nectaring on a yellow flower

Common Blue. Photo: Shona Refoy

This is a photo of one of the few butterflies Shona saw on 10/05/2020 in Ashington Meadow, Corfe Mullen and she sent it to us with the following comments:

He, along with another male Common Blue, was in the lower part of the meadow where it was sheltered from the breeze.  I think he looks a bit sad with his antennae angled downwards – he looked a bit more cheerful in other photos where they were angled upwards!

View of a dark blue butterfly resting on a green leaf

Small Blue. Photo: Peter Siddons

View of a blue butterfly with white fringes to the wings whilst resting on a green leaf

Common Blue. Photo: Peter Siddons

Peter sent us two photos he took on 09/05/2020 at the old railway line at the end of Park Road, Portland.  It is not often that we have such good photos of Small Blue and Common Blue side by side for comparison, which can be very helpful.

View of a perching blue butterfly with white fringe to its wings

Common Blue. Photo: Amelia Coffen

Photo showing the beige and blue underwings with orange, black and white markings of a resting butterfly

Common Blue. Photo: Amelia Coffen

Amelia has sent us these two photos of a Male Common Blue Butterfly she took in her meadow in Church Knowle on 08/05/2020.  The Common Blue is the most widespread of our blue butterflies and the unbroken white margins to the wings help to differentiate it from the Adonis Blue which has black veins that cross the white outer margins to the wings.

View of a resting blue and silver grey butterfly with black, orange and white markings

Common Blue. Photo: Rob Morrison

View of a blackish brown butterfly with white chequer pattern on the wings

Grizzled Skipper. Photo: Rob Morrison

These are just two of the photos sent to us by Rob which he took on 27/04/2020 at Badbury Rings with which he included the following information:

The Common Blue butterfly was seen around noon in warm weather in the inner ditch of the southern side of Badbury Rings Iron Age fortress. With such a southerly aspect and good protection from winds, there is likely a favourable micro-climate. The ditch sides are steep and are so called unimproved grassland and scrub on a chalky soil. The second photo shows a mineral seeking Grizzled Skipper (the apparently mineral rich medium was formerly a dog’s dinner).

NB  The photo of the Grizzled Skipper has been cropped for the benefit of those of a sensitive disposition.


BlueButterfly with orange lunals resting on foliage with wings open

Common Blue. Photo: Mel Bray

Mel found two second generation Common Blue butterflies at Throop on 16/07/19. This image is a good example of a female, showing extensive blue and sub marginal orange spots. The Female’s forewing colouring is very varied in this species.

View of blue butterfly on yellow flower

Common Blue. Photo: Lynda Lambert

View of a brown and orange butterfly on yellow flower

Small Heath. Photo: Lynda Lambert

Lynda took full advantage of the sunshine at Badbury Rings on 08/09/2019 and found this pristine Common Blue, the only one she found apart from a very tatty female. She also saw 18 Small Heath including the one in this photo during her wander around the rings.