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A yellow butterfly with some brown, black and white markings nectaring on a yellow flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: George McCabe

View of a yellow butterfly with black markings resting on a yellow flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: George McCabe

George sent us these photos with the following comments:

I was at Lorton Meadow, Weymouth, today 15/09/2020 and was struggling to spot anything when a Clouded Yellow appeared and landed on a yellow flower. l thought l would get a quick picture as they normally seem to like you to chase them, but it just sat there and moved to other flowers close by. 

Editor’s Note:  George also managed to get the bottom photo which caught the upper-side normally only seen in flight and this told him it was a female (the dotted yellow spots in the black wing margins are diagnostic). George only sent this second photo to us for information saying that it was too blurry to be used but as I felt it highlighted an important feature in the ID of this butterfly I would include it.

View of a yellow butterfly with some brown markings resting on a green leaf

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Paul Harris

This beautiful golden-yellow butterfly is an annual migrant and is always such a joy to see.  Paul has sent us this photo of one telling us:

Unusual to be able to creep so close to a Clouded Yellow so thought I’d send it in. Taken today, 09/08/2020 at the Jurassic Pools, Weymouth. 

View of a greenish yellow butterfly with some white and black spots resting on some vegetation

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Brian Arnold

The rather beautiful Clouded Yellow is an annual migrant to Britain and is currently being seen in parts of Dorset.  This photo of one seen on his walk on the path down to Seacombe from Eastington Farm (near Worth Matravers, Dorset) was taken by Brian on 22/07/2020 who told us that this is the 4th one he has seen this year.

View of yellow and orange butterfly on yellow flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Martin Wood

The beautiful golden yellow Clouded Yellow is an annual migrant with numbers varying from year to year. Martin found this one at Longham Lakes on 05/10/2019 and the super photo he sent us shows it in all its glory.

View of yellow butterfly on yellow flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian saw 4 Clouded Yellows on the butterfly transect at Durlston on 27/08/2019, the first he has seen this year on the transect count there. He added that they were flying quite fast through the meadows to the north of the parking area, settling briefly to be photographed.

View of two yellow butterflies mating in the grass

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Harold Gillen

Harold took this photo of Clouded Yellows mating on 22/08/2019 on the hills to the west of Osmington whilst on a walk organised by the Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation. Harold tells us that in total they saw 17 species and that it was a lovely walk with good weather and great company.



Clouded Yellows at Osmington

Two yellow butterflies in long grass

Clouded yellows mating. Photo; Harold Gillen

We’ve had two lots of praise come in for the walk we held at Osmington on 22 August – we’re glad it was enjoyable! This shot of mating Clouded Yellows comes from Harold Gillen, who reports the guided walk saw 17 species in all, and said: “Lovely walk, lovely weather and great company”. Thank you Harold!

Yollowand green butterfly with black markings resting on leaves with wings almost closed

Clouded Yellow. Photo: David Simmonds

David spotted this Clouded Yellow while at Alner’s Gorse on 1/08/19.

Considering the hot weather we have had this summer, this migrant species do not seem to have been seen as often as you might expect this year.