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A yellow butterfly with some black markings nectaring on a yellow flower

Clouded Yellow (male). Photo: Shona Refoy

A yellow butterfly with some black markings nectaring on a yellow flower.

Clouded Yellow (female). Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona made a return visit to Lorton Meadows yesterday, 11/10/2020 and these are just two of the photos she sent in.  The top photo shows a male Clouded Yellow which fluttered his wings as he moved his feet while nectaring and Shona told us she was very lucky to capture this image.

The bottom photo shows most of a female Clouded Yellow as she was flying from flower to flower nectaring. Shona also mentioned that there are fewer butterflies in Rodway Mead now adding that the cows have eaten most of the flowers!

Editor’s Note:  This is a butterfly which when it pauses to feed or rest, invariably closes its wings and it is rare to see the uppersides of the wings except when they are in flight.  These two remarkable photos clearly show the differences between the male and female and despite Shona’s reservations (she said I’m not sure that they are worthy of a place in the Gallery) I consider them to be very worthy of their place there. I also agree with her sentiments that it’s such a shame that such a beautiful butterfly refuses to sit with open wings.

A yellow butterfly with some brownish and white markings resting on green leaf

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Donald Simcock

This photo of a Clouded Yellow was sent in by Donald telling us:

Yesterday, 09/10/2020 on one of our walks around Ulwell, near Swanage, we came across a steep slope that had been cut back probably last winter and was full of plants, some in flower. Walking through to get to Ballard Down we saw a Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown or Small Heath and a Clouded Yellow.

Later, on our return, after the rains, we sat in this grassy patch to have a late lunch and just soak up the sun. We were rewarded with 3 Clouded Yellows moving back and forth feeding and sunbathing. The orientation and angle of the hill has created a hot spot and definitely worth a few visits next year.

A yellowish white butterfly with black markings, nectaring on a pinkish Buddleia flower

Large White. Photo: Paul Godier

A yellow butterfly with some brown and white markings nectaring on a yellow flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Paul Godier

These are just two of the photos taken today, 09/10/2020 that Paul has sent in telling us:

Boscombe Cliff Gardens were alive with butterflies in the autumn sun this morning, 09/10/2020. There were six Red Admirals on the Buddleia – mostly pristine plus the usual crop of Small and Large Whites, including this Large one. Also two Clouded Yellows were nectaring on Boscombe Cliffs when they weren’t chasing each other – I find them hard to photograph and this was the best I could manage through the goat fence.

A yellow butterfly with brown markings nectaring on a yellow flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona has sent us this photo with the following comments:

I was very interested to see George McCabe’s photos of the lovely Clouded Yellow helice form which he saw at Lorton Meadows on 15/09/2020.  I went to Lorton Meadows yesterday 16/092020 on my way back from Portland, and saw a Clouded Yellow, which I presumed to be the same one. 

However, the one I saw was male, and on a hot afternoon was flying rapidly from one flower to the next, with me in (very) hot pursuit, until I lost him among all the yellow flowers in the field! I did manage to snatch a couple of photos, including this action one – he briefly fluttered his wings while nectaring, to show his plain black wing margins.

View of a resting yellow buterfly with some black, white and brownish markings

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Dave Law

Dave sent in this photo telling us:

At least two separate male Clouded Yellows flying in Motcombe Meadow today 16/09/2020, both immaculate plus a good showing of fresh 3rd brood Small Copper, at least a dozen flying.  I’m guessing, due to the good condition of the CY’s they are offspring from the migrants that arrived in July.  All seen in the area left of the car park and before the pond.

A yellow butterfly with some brown, black and white markings nectaring on a yellow flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: George McCabe

View of a yellow butterfly with black markings resting on a yellow flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: George McCabe

George sent us these photos with the following comments:

I was at Lorton Meadow, Weymouth, today 15/09/2020 and was struggling to spot anything when a Clouded Yellow appeared and landed on a yellow flower. l thought l would get a quick picture as they normally seem to like you to chase them, but it just sat there and moved to other flowers close by. 

Editor’s Note:  George also managed to get the bottom photo which caught the upper-side normally only seen in flight and this told him it was a female (the dotted yellow spots in the black wing margins are diagnostic). George only sent this second photo to us for information saying that it was too blurry to be used but as I felt it highlighted an important feature in the ID of this butterfly I would include it.

View of a yellow butterfly with some brown markings resting on a green leaf

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Paul Harris

This beautiful golden-yellow butterfly is an annual migrant and is always such a joy to see.  Paul has sent us this photo of one telling us:

Unusual to be able to creep so close to a Clouded Yellow so thought I’d send it in. Taken today, 09/08/2020 at the Jurassic Pools, Weymouth. 

View of a greenish yellow butterfly with some white and black spots resting on some vegetation

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Brian Arnold

The rather beautiful Clouded Yellow is an annual migrant to Britain and is currently being seen in parts of Dorset.  This photo of one seen on his walk on the path down to Seacombe from Eastington Farm (near Worth Matravers, Dorset) was taken by Brian on 22/07/2020 who told us that this is the 4th one he has seen this year.