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Duke of Burgundy and Marsh Fritillary Cerne

Fresh-looking Marsh Fritillary with open wings

Marsh Fritillary. Photo: Brian Arnold.

An unusually light Duke of Burgundy butterfly

Duke of Burgundy. Photo: Brian Arnold

The second photo above might be the same butterfly as the one taken by Mark Pike a little further down this page, but we thought it worth showing it to agree with Brian’s point that it could be confused with the Marsh Fritillary at a glance. Both photos taken at Cerne Giant Hill on 30 May.

Duke of Burgundy Cerne

The small Duke of Burgundy buterfly, with open wings

Duke of Burgundy. Photo: John Woodruff

A lovely shot of this small butterfly, taken on Cerne Giant Hill. 28 May. We had 26 individual butterflies reported at this site, which is the only one at which you can easily see this species in Dorset, but they aren’t on the wing long, so get there quickly if you want to see them.

Are you missing out on our guided walks?

A number of people spaced out across a grassy hillside
Walkers on Cerne Giant Hill. Photo: Peter Salmon

Sunday 15 May saw the arrival at Cerne Abbas Giant Hill of 44 walkers from Dorset, Devon, Somerset, London and Cambridgeshire to take part in the guided tour for the day, a mixture of novices and experts sharing enthusiasm for the butterflies seen. Continue reading