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Goat Moth Larva – Brownsea

Goat Moth caterpillar

Goat Moth caterpillar. Photo: Brian Arnold

A brilliant find by the Swanage Walking Group and shared with us by Brian Arnold of a Goat Moth caterpillar on Brownsea Island, uncovered on 09/09/2015.

The species is so-called because the larvae emit a strong smell, described by some as similar to that of a male goat. Doesn’t sound delightful but apparently Romans regarded them as a delicacy!  The caterpillar holds the title of the longest caterpillar stage of any British moth, feeding for up to four years, reaching an impressive 10cm in length. This large size continues into the last stage of the life cycle with the adults being among our heaviest, with a wingspan of up to 9.6cm.

Scarlet Tiger Larva

Scarlet Tiger Larva

Scarlet Tiger Caterpillar. Photo: Lawrie De whalley

A Scarlet Tiger moth caterpillar, photographed back on the 13/03/2015 in the garden of one of our volunteers, situated in Winterborne Stickland, where we have been told, the main foodplants Comfrey and Bramble are found. This species overwinters as a larva before pupating in May and emerging as an adult moth in June or July, so look out for them now!