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view of a Male Brimstone showing partially open wings

Brimstone. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona sent us this photo of a male Brimstone which she took at Badbury Rings on 24/03/19.

She tells us:

I have been trying to get some photos of a Brimstone upperwing, which has resulted in a lot of photos of flowers without butterflies!

Perseverance paid off as Shona managed a good shot showing the often unseen orange spots on the upper hind-wings.

view of a Brimstone nectaring on a dandelion

Brimstone. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark sent us this photo of a Brimstone from Motcombe Meadows  which he took on 14/04/18.

This is a species which over winters as an adult, and can be seen on the wing on warm winter’s days when it comes out of hibernation.

Most Brimstones that survive the winter will end their life cycle in Midsummer when new young Brimstones can be seen.

Brimstone. Holton Lee

view of a Male Brimstone on thistles

Brimstone. Photo: Lynda Lambert

Lynda spotted this 2nd generation male Brimstone at Holton Lee on 6/07/18.

It appears a little early this year as most references suggest that the offspring of Brimstones seen earlier in the year emerge in late July.

The Brimstone is the longest-lived of our British butterflies and is one of the few species that hibernates as an adult and, as such, spends the majority of its life as an adult butterfly.


view of a Brimstone egg laying on Buckthorn

Brimstone. Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann photographed this Brimstone in her Corfe Mullen garden on 5/05/18 and tells us:

. This was a very exciting moment, as we planted this tree for the butterflies several years ago, and have not seen any caterpillars so far on the tree, although we get adult Brimstones in the garden.

Ann is going to watch over this tree and hopefully get a photo of a caterpillar in the near future.