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Orange and Brown butterfly with wings like pieces of a jigsaw

Comma. Photo: Brian Arnold

Orange and brown butterfly sunning itself on an orange daylily

Comma. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian’s garden at Harman’s Cross is always full of surprises and this one is amusing as he tells us on 25/07/19:

Nectar plants are obviously a waste of time! All you need is a yellow hose.This Comma has been posing on our hose every afternoon this week in our garden. It must either like the colour or perhaps it thinks it cannot be seen against the yellow background. It also seems to like our Day lilies – it was hopping between a “Pose on the Hose”, and “Displaying on a Day Lily” today.

golden skipper butterfly with black tipped antennae nectaring on a seedhead

Essex Skipper. Photo|: Brian Arnold

Brian sent us this photo and wanted it verified as an Essex Skipper before claiming it as a first ever record for his Harman’s Cross garden on 26/07/19. It is indeed an Essex, the blunt edged ,black tippedĀ  antennae is a good ID tool for this species.

Our County Recorder, Bill Shreeves has also verified one I found in my Corfe Mullen garden last week ,and says Brian and myself are among the elite company who have recorded Essex in the their gardens.

I hope our medals are in the post!šŸ˜‰


White-letter Hairstreak, Harman’s Cross

Brown Butterfly with tails and orange spots with a white W on underwings

White Letter Hairstreak. Photo: Brian Arnold,

Brian found this White-letter Hairstreak near his homeĀ  at Harman’s Cross on 12/07/19Ā  and says:

It was sat beneath the Elm trees nectaring on Creeping Thistle, and waited there for about 20 minutes allowing me to get lots of nice photos. I assume it is a female as the tails are quite long.

two orange and brown frittillaries , male and female showing colour and size difference. Female is duller orange

Silver-washed Fritillaries. Photo: Brian Arnold

green Valesina f. form of silverwashed Fritillary feeding on bramble

Silver-washed Fritillary Valesina form. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian visited an area around Sixpenny Handley with a group on 7/07/19 hoping to find Purple Emperors, but instead found beautiful Silver-washed Fritillaries including this female form, Valesina.

The top picture shows the differences in colour and size between males and females . The brighter smaller butterfly of the two is the male.

two golden butterflies mating

Large Skippers. Photo: Brian Arnold

OnĀ  24/06/19 on one of his many visits to Godlingston Heath, Brian spotted these Large Skippers mating.

This lovely image is also very useful in that the tiny hooks on the antennae ,which is an ID tool for this species, are clearly visable.

This butterfly is usually on the wing in sunny weather between June- August in a variety of habitats.

Dingy Skipper. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian spotted this Dingy Skipper on the coastal path near Winspit on 3/07/19 and remarked that it was either a late first brood or aĀ  very early second brood specimen.

Will we ever know ?

Normally the first brood will have finished by the third week of June and if there is a second partial brood, they are not seen until the fourth week of July.

Orange and Brown butterfly with open wings

Dark Green Fritillary. Photo: Brian Arnold


underside of a butterfly showing white pearls on a green and light orange base

Dark Green Fritillary Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian was at Godlingston Heath on 24/06/19 and found this lovely Dark Green Fritillary and tells us:

There was a very strong wind and the butterfly was trying to hide down in the grass. It refused to move or fly despite me moving bits of grass out of the way to get his photo.

Nothing would tempt him to open his wings, except letting it climb onto my finger, and when I put it back onto the grass he immediately shut his wings again.Ā 

A lovely fresh specimen and good to be able to see the underside so clearly.