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View of chocolate brown butterfly with white and light brown spots on it's wings resting on a green leaf.

Speckled Wood. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian, like the butterfly, took advantage of the sun this morning 10/11/2019 and ventured into his garden where he took this photo which he has sent us with the following comment:

The sunshine here at Harman’s Cross this morning has brought out a Speckled Wood and a Red Admiral. The Speckled Wood posed on one of our apple trees in the sun, however the Red Admiral was not so obliging!

View of orange and brown butterfly with brown/black spots resting on green Ivy.

Comma. Photo: Brian Arnold

A photo to brighten up a wet and grey October day. Brian sent us this photo taken on 22/10/2019 in his Harman’s Cross garden in sunshine which had brought out several butterflies including this quite fresh looking Comma.  Brian commented that despite looking so fresh it seems to have part of it’s left rear wing missing. However, bearing in mind the recent weather conditions it would have experienced it’s not too surprising that it may be a bit weather-beaten.

View of 3 red and black butterflies on the grey stone wall of a house

Red Admirals. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian sent us this photo taken on 16/10/2019 in his garden at Harmans Cross showing something many of us have witnessed during recent weeks.  The warm weather after all the rain has brought out the Red Admirals in his garden and he found these 3 sunning themselves on the house walls. He also mentioned that a Speckled Wood joined them briefly but did not wait long enough to have its photo taken!

View of several black and orange butterflies on ivy

Red Admirals. Photo: Brian Arnold

Whilst he was on a Dorset Council Archaeological walk from Maiden Castle on 06/10/2019, Brian saw lots of Red Admirals, plus Comma, Painted Lady and Clouded Yellow in a sunny sheltered lane near Maiden Castle, Dorchester.  The Red Admirals were mostly on the Ivy flowers and Brian tells us were quite a sight with at least 15 of them on the ivy – this photo he sent us really captures the moment showing 5 of them plus a Comma.

View of yellow butterfly on yellow flower

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian saw 4 Clouded Yellows on the butterfly transect at Durlston on 27/08/2019, the first he has seen this year on the transect count there. He added that they were flying quite fast through the meadows to the north of the parking area, settling briefly to be photographed.

View of brown butterfly with orange spots near the edges of it's wings

Brown Argus. Photo: Brian Arnold

View of brown and orange butterfly on gorse

Brown Argus. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian found this Brown Argus in his Harman’s Cross garden on 21/08/2019.  This is not always an easy species to identify and Brian mentioned that at first he thought it was a female Common Blue as there was a blueish tinge to its wings. However after chasing it around the garden he managed to get a photo of the underside which confirmed that it is a Brown Argus.

View of an Orange and brown butterfly together with a Blue butterfly, both nectaring on wild flowers

Painted Lady and Common Blue. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian reported that he had several Painted Lady and Common Blue butterflies in his garden at Harmans Cross on 21/08/2019 and this photo shows them keeping each other company in one of the wildflower patches in his lawn. It also illustrates the importance of our wildflowers for butterflies and other insects.

Orange and Brown butterfly with wings like pieces of a jigsaw

Comma. Photo: Brian Arnold

Orange and brown butterfly sunning itself on an orange daylily

Comma. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian’s garden at Harman’s Cross is always full of surprises and this one is amusing as he tells us on 25/07/19:

Nectar plants are obviously a waste of time! All you need is a yellow hose.This Comma has been posing on our hose every afternoon this week in our garden. It must either like the colour or perhaps it thinks it cannot be seen against the yellow background. It also seems to like our Day lilies – it was hopping between a “Pose on the Hose”, and “Displaying on a Day Lily” today.

golden skipper butterfly with black tipped antennae nectaring on a seedhead

Essex Skipper. Photo|: Brian Arnold

Brian sent us this photo and wanted it verified as an Essex Skipper before claiming it as a first ever record for his Harman’s Cross garden on 26/07/19. It is indeed an Essex, the blunt edged ,black tipped  antennae is a good ID tool for this species.

Our County Recorder, Bill Shreeves has also verified one I found in my Corfe Mullen garden last week ,and says Brian and myself are among the elite company who have recorded Essex in the their gardens.

I hope our medals are in the post!😉