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View of mating Brown Argus butterflies, the male showing a white patch on each upper fore-wing, possible aberration.

Brown Argus, aberration. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark photographed this mating pair of Brown Argus butterflies on 13/08/2017 on Ballard Down, Swanage.

Mark says he has never come across one with white patches on its wings before and feels sure it is an aberration. It is the male butterfly which is showing this difference to the norm.


Vaughan found this unusual coloured Marbled White on 05/08/2017

 My wife and I came across this whilst walking the coastal path at Durlston above Swanage.  Unfortunately I never managed to photograph it with open wings but it had a very bright yellow stripe on the front fore wings.  The undersides which you can see appear more yellow than typical and I believe the females do tend to be more yellower than the males. 

Interestingly, The Natural History Museum holds The Cockayne Collection and on checking these records, a Female Marbled White displaying yellow under-wings was recorded in Swanage on 20/08/1922



Top view of a very pale Meadow Brown

Meadow Brown pale aberration. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark says:

“Meadow Brown aberration seen today at Alners Gorse [20/07/2017], strangely enough in a similar spot to one I saw there last year! It certainly wasn’t just an old specimen worn out as it pretty fresh and you could see it from some distance, there were also quite a few brown Meadow Browns flying with it!”


Meadow Brown aberration. Photo: Mark Pike

Meadow Brown ab.alba. Photo: Mark Pike

A rather unusual Meadow Brown in that the orange markings on the upperwings appear almost entirely washed-out with little colour remaining, we believe this to be an example of ab. alba. Photographed at our Alners Gorse reserve on 31/07/2016.

Ringlet ab. centrifera. Photo: Chris Becker

Ringlet ab. centrifera. Photo: Chris Becker

Another Ringlet aberration but this individual we believe to be ab.centrifera, photographed at Alners Gorse on 07/07/2016. Ringlets can be very variable butterflies so keep an eye out during the Big Butterfly Count which kicks-off this Friday (15/07/2016).

Ringlet ab. arete. Photo: Caroline Stringer

Ringlet ab. arete. Photo: Caroline Stringer

An interesting Ringlet aberration which we believe to be ab. arete, recognisable by the incomplete eye-spots. Photographed by Caroline Stringer in Great Stone coppice on the Rushmore Estate on 11/07/2016.

Chalk Hill Blue (male) ab. suavis

Chalk Hill Blue (male) ab. suavis. Photo: Mark Pike

This may appear as a perfectly ordinary Chalk Hill Blue butterfly but it is in fact, exhibiting an aberration. This ab. suavis refers to the orange or red spots which can occur as a single, double, or series of three and four at the base of the hind-wings, the latter are particularly rare! This one was photographed at Badbury Rings on 29/07/2015.