Brown butterfly with white chequered marking in the undergrowth

Grizzled Skipper. Photo: Mel Bray

A small butterfly, out early in the season, sometimes confused with the Dingy Skipper.

Where to see

Habitat: Open/rough ground, clearings

Foodplants: Wild Strawberry, Creeping Cinquefoil

Best places: Fontmell Down, Hod Hill, Durlston Country Park, Cerne Abbas, Lankham Bottom, Southfield Hogcliffe

Reported from the following Dorset locations last year:

When to see

May be out in the last week of April, mainly seen in May, might extend into June

Dorset sightings by month (last 3 years):


This is a very small butterfly - see the photos showing it on a dandelion flower and on the same flower next to a Small Tortoiseshell. It is probably going to be found on the wing earlier than the Dingy Skipper, with which it can be confused, but they might overlap in late May and June.
The Grizzled has more definite markings than the Dingy Skipper and is usually darker.

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