A guide to butterfly species commonly found in Dorset

Butterfly information is split into a number of pages, each dedicated to a 'family' of butterflies:

Warning Family names can be deceptive. Not all of the 'Whites' are white: the male Brimstone, for example, is yellow. Some of the female 'Blues' are brown. One of the 'Browns' is black and white and called the Marbled White!


If you cannot identify the butterfly you spotted it may have been a moth - some of these fly in the day, and some are very brightly coloured. In fact, there are more species of moth that fly during the day than there are butterflies!


Left: Buff Tip. Centre: Elephant Hawk-moth. Right: Angle Shades. Photos: Lyn Pullen.

Butterfly Conservation works to conserve moths as well as butterflies, and is closely linked to the Dorset Moth Group, so rather than duplicating the work they do...

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