White Holes map

Help us to fill butterfly recording gaps across Dorset (2020-2024)


  • Zoom in and click grid squares or markers to show location details and species lists.
  • Toggle map markers on/off using checkbox to show butterflies reported to this website in the last 30 days.
  • Click target icon to show your current location.
Grid squares updated monthly. Last update: 01/06/24
  • 1-9 species
  • 10+ species
  • reported in last 30 days

The map shows

  • All records from all sources for previous complete years in the current five-year recording period.
  • All records reported to the branch website since the beginning of the current year.
Note: The map pins are at a precise location if we were given this detail, or at the bottom left-hand corner of the square if we only know the location to this level.

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