Grassy track between areas of heather

Main ride leading to Tadnoll Heath entrance. Photo: Lyn Pullen

A site with a variety of habitats, but important mainly for its heathland, which the Dorset Wildlife Trust is managing traditionally: the heather in full flower is a glorious wash of purple and buzzing with bees.

The main footpaths are generally easy going, and the walk to the top of the Barrow is worth it for the views, though if you go down the other side, take care.

Overlooked by Old Knowle, which is three round barrows. Excellent views from the top of the barrow.

For more info visit: Official Tadnoll Heath website

Habitat and features

Heathland, plus grass rides and wet acid meadows.

What to see


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Emperor moth

Other species

Dartford Warbler, Hobby, Dragonflies

Photo gallery

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Dorset Wildlife Trust

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