Hod Hill

Site of an Iron Age fort and Roman camp

Hod HillThere are fine views from the top.

Site Details


Stourpaine near Blandford


Butterfly species include

31 species of butterfly have been seen here, including:

  • Dingy and Grizzled Skippers
  • Small Copper
  • Small Blue
  • Brown Argus
  • Common Blue
  • Adonis Blue
  • Marsh Fritillary (pictured right)
  • Marbled White
  • Small Heath
Marsh Fritillary
Moth species Day-flying moths include the Six-spot Burnet and the Burnet Companion.  
Other species


  • Yellowhammer



Habitat type/features

Flowery chalk banks and woodland edge.

Hod Hill


Entrance at grid ref ST 853/113. The approach is from the car park on the Child Okeford road that links the A350 and the A357 It is a steep climb from this entrance.

There is another approach (Grid ref approx ST 860/098)which goes up via a bridle path from the north end of Manor Rd, Stourpaine: a longer but more gentle walk.

Hod Hill
Owned by National Trust