Boardwalk going along the edge of a rough field

Part of Pamphill. Photo: Bobby Knowles

Although officially called Pamphill Moor it is not moorland of the heather and gorse type. It is a gently sloping rough meadow, bounded by deciduous trees and a stream.

Immediately adjoining Pamphill Moor there is a patch of ancient woodland called Hart’s Copse, where there is usually a fine display of early spring flowers such as Wood Anemones.

This is an easy walk, as there are National Trust circular routes round the meadow and round Hart’s Copse, though the latter path is a little trickier. Both areas can be very wet underfoot. The whole route, even including Hart’s Copse, takes under an hour.

Pamphill Moor is part of the National Trust's Kingston Lacy Estate.

For more info visit: Official Pamphill Moor website

Habitat and features

Grassland, deciduous woodland, stream.

What to see


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Other species

Wood Anemone. Beautiful Demoiselle damselflies.

Photo gallery

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National Trust (part of the Kingston Lacy Estate)

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