Path along the top of a cliff with sea to right

Coast Path at Durlston looking east to Viewpoint. Photo: Brian Arnold

Durlston benefits from a combination of geography, geology, history and careful management which has created a mosaic of nationally important wildlife habitats: sea-cliffs, downs, ancient meadows, hedgerows, woodland even dry-stone walls each with their characteristic plants and animals. 35 species of butterfly have been seen here.

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Habitat and features

Limestone downland, scrub shelter, woodland, dry-stone walls, rocky shores and partly wooded cliffs.

What to see


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Oak Rustic, Oleander Hawk Moth, Six-spot Burnet, Elephant Hawk Moth, Beautiful Gothic, Grass Eggar, Yellow Belle, Mother Shipton, Silver Y

Other species

Swallow, Sand Martin, Yellowhammer, Linnet, Skylark, Bottlenose dolphins

Photo gallery

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