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White Admiral at Piddles Wood

Black butterfly with white markings on a stone

White Admiral. Photo: David Simmonds

Caught at Piddles Wood near Sturminster Newton on 23/06/2017. This butterfly likes shady woods and has an unmistakeable gliding flight. it spends a lot of its time high up out of sight, but sometimes comes down to nectar on bramble flowers.


White Admirals

Side view of a White Admiral on a bramble flower

White Admiral. Photo: Tim Field

View of White Admiral with its wings, which are mainly black, open

White Admiral. Photo: Tim Field

Tim said:

“Summer was here – this morning……………

One hopes there will be more.

Taken in the Alner’s Gorse/ Rooksmoor area [28 June]”

It’s lovely to see these shots of this woodland butterfly; Dorset is only 4% wooded, so it is not a common butterfly in this county.

Tatty White Admiral

White Admiral

White Admiral. Photo: Colin Bown

Photographed on the 18/07/2015 along Knowle Woodland Walk, Studland.
Colin says: ‘This tatty white admiral was happy to pose  – unlike three more complete specimens who swooped down to nectar briefly, before shooting back up into the treetops